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  1. Live at Club Soda
    by Cave In
  2. Radio Comfort
    by Reverso
  3. Highway Moon (Deluxe Edition)
    I couldn't say which of these tracks I like the most, because they all are simply amazing! I love the style of composition and choice of sounds. It makes me want to dance in slow-motion movies.
  4. Exit Planet Q
    by They Drive By Night
  5. The Sun Also Rises
    by East Cameron Folkcore
  6. Sound & Fury
    by East Cameron Folkcore
  7. explore ep
    by They Drive By Night
  8. enter ep
    by They Drive By Night
  9. Lionize / Truely
    by Helms Alee
  10. Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum
    by Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum
  11. Mamiffer / Pyramids
    by Mamiffer / Pyramids
  12. Legendary Demo
    by Clouds
  13. The Black Ribbon Award
    by Stove Bredsky
  14. The Narcotic Story
    by Oxbow
    Down a Stair Backward Down a Stair Backward
    I love this for it's weirdness, uniqueness and sounds. The soundtrack of Freuds "Id".
  15. B Chuggas May Be Logging
    by Clouds
  16. Make All The Hell Of Dark Metal Bright
    by Kwaidan
  17. Accident Book
    by Savoy Grand
    I saw them live some time ago and remember having goosebumps all-over me for the whole show. This is so basic, so minimalist, yet so heavily meaningful and connecting to me. Fascinating, absolutely magnificent!
  18. Harmonic Tremors
    by Zozobra
  19. Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them?
    by Murder By Death
  20. In Bocca al Lupo
    by Murder By Death