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  1. Instant Exorcism
    by Curse Mackey
  2. Instant Exorcism
    by Curse Mackey
  3. Standalone
    by Standalone
  4. muet
    by muet
  5. Grotesque
    by Missy Hell
  6. Rough Cuts EP
    by Knives Out!
  7. The Outer Dark
    by Godhunter
  8. Mr. Lemons
    by Glen Phillips
  9. Options - B-sides & Demos
    by Glen Phillips
  10. All I Want (Garrison Starr)
    by Garrison Starr and Glen Phillips
  11. Secrets of the New Explorers
    by Glen Phillips
  12. Tornillo
    by Glen Phillips
  13. Abulum
    by Glen Phillips
  14. Unlucky Seven
    by Glen Phillips
  15. Live at Largo
    by Glen Phillips
  16. There Be Squabbles Ahead
    by Stolen Babies
  17. Erotic Massage
    by Dog Fashion Disco
    Lucifer (Vernal Equinox) Lucifer (Vernal Equinox)
    The first time I heard this album in its entirety would have been live at the Ottobar on 05/06. The entire experience was as close as I ever wish to have to a religious one. Todd and the boys reach new highs while re-exploring and re-developing a 21 year old album. The result demonstrates their maturity, different styles and structure than what would have been an "out of high school" release for the band in 1996. This is a Fantastic album and worth multiple, continuous listens.
  18. Waiting for Light
    by Ruby
    Fireweed Fireweed
    Have you ever been at a concert and realized that you are watching a performer sing some of the most beautiful music you've ever heard? Have you then realized that you have been listening to this artist, off and on, for close to 25 years? Its humbling and befuddling to then look up their work and discover several albums of amazing works. I cannot say that I have fully formed my opinion on this album, except to say that it is amazing, absorbing and exalting.
  19. Meet Mr. Hate
    by Seibold the Terrible
    This Doggy Bites This Doggy Bites
    I love this album because it is such a heart felt exploration into existence, while being stripped down to the barest of bones. It does help that Steven is a genuine, energy infusing being who has more vocal range than any one album can convey. Then there's his music and coordination to consider and I begin to wonder why we waste time with bands with more than 1 member. I guess we just can't hold the rest of humanity up to Seibold the Terrible's humble existence.
  20. Endless Descent
    by Junior Bruce
    Through Liberal applications of SCIENCE! I have determined that not only has this album improved my outlook on life, but has prevented me from opening multiple gateways to Hell. This in turn has saved all of your lives and souls. Don't forget to thank Junior Bruce for saving your life today.
  21. muscle
    by muet
    This is an excellent song and feels like other bands I follow on here. The first time I listened to it was the discovery of something I didn't know was missing in my life. Keep up the great work!
  22. Short-Staffed at the Gene Pool
    by Ruby
  23. Black Mass Hysteria
    by Knives Out!
  24. Left in the Lurch
    by Knives Out!
    I cannot pick a favorite song from this album. When I was driving back from the CD release concert, I played this album on repeat for several hours. At some point within each track I'd say, "This is the one, this is my favorite track!". With. Every. Frickin. Track. These guys make the most beeeeooootifuulll music together. If you ever wanted to scream while thrashing around on the floor, WITHOUT demon possession, I would suggest this album.
  25. Last Call in Jonestown
    by Polkadot Cadaver
  26. Bellissimo!
    by El Creepo!
  27. Aloha
    by El Creepo!
  28. From Bethlehem to Oblivion
    by Polkadot Cadaver
  29. Hell Or High Water
    by Rob Queen
    I caught these guys opening for Dog Fashion Disco in Baltimore. Who would have thought they would be so amazing! Fantastic music from top to bottom. The real question is how could anyone NOT LOVE this album! Please keep up the great work, we need fantastic music like this in all of our lives!
  30. Diggers
    by Amigo The Devil
  31. Manimals
    by Amigo The Devil
  32. Decompositions
    by Amigo The Devil
    I find all of Amigo's work to be captivating, amusing and thought provoking. Each ep has its own variety of flavors. With Decompositions the following thoughts come to mind:

    Hell and You is an adventure in love, obsession and commitment, with a dash of dark humor, to the point of bequeathing ones soul.

    For a Few Good Men walks the line between between faith, a broken relationship and a snuff film. It brings into light an openness to others beliefs, while also contemplating the hopelessness of existence.

    One Kind of People is a humorous romp through the playground of life, where tongue in cheek humor with an upbeat look at where every living being ends up, regardless of how they do it don't live.

    Stick around at the end for a improvised, entertaining "hidden" track that I haven't found on any other digital music source beyond bandcamp.

    Thanks for the great music Danny and Haley!
  33. Humanistic Demos
    by Abandoned Pools
  34. Coyote Sessions
    by Glen Phillips
  35. The Dwarves Are Born Again
    by The Dwarves
  36. Blag Dahlia Presents: Candy Now!
    by Candy Now!

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  1. Jolene
    by Ruby
  2. Hell Or High Water
    by Rob Queen
  3. Erotic Massage
    by Dog Fashion Disco
  4. Meet Mr. Hate
    by Seibold the Terrible
  5. Bellissimo!
    by El Creepo!