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  1. Cologne, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. The Spine Of Night
    by Guild Of Lore
  2. Vedurnan
    by Fogweaver
  3. Necroholocaust - Laudem Antichristus
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  4. Necroholocaust - Holocaustic Goat Metal
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  5. All That Has Never Been True
    by ULTHA
  6. Sumerian Tombs
    by Sumerian Tombs
    05 - Altars Of The Past 05 - Altars Of The Past
    Absolute killer! Beautiful and highly atmospheric yet devastating Black Metal from my hometown. I am so glad this record has found me. Full support!
  7. As Sumer Thrones At Night
    by Sumerian Tombs
  8. Atrium of Time
    by Atrium of Time
    Stunningly beautiful! Like a dream bathed in the autumnal light of a caleidoscope made from childhood memories. This music takes me to far better places.
  9. Sorcerous Steel
    by Sequestered Keep
    Knights of the Igneous Moon Knights of the Igneous Moon
    It's been a long time we had to wait. But finally we are allowed to return to the Sequestered Keep. Such a beautiful place where you can gaze over the woods from ancient walls and where the stars shine bright in the nighttime. I don't ever want to leave.
  10. Congregation Pestilence
  11. Mesmerizing Desolation
    by Nigm
  12. Singula
    by Cavüm
  13. Meduza's Gaze
    by Biocym
  14. Renacer
    by Nahualism
  15. Missione Natura
    by Vicky Zissou
  16. Currents
    by George Kostopoulos
  17. Osmosis
    by Le Code
  18. Present Sound of Berlin
    by Subliminal
  19. Novy Urengoï
    by BT Gate X-138
  20. Taine
    by Deemkeyne