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  1. A Thousand Branches, A Thousand Arms
    by 't Geruis
  2. Un été sans fin
    by Bruno Duplant & Primož Bončina
  3. Au loin la côte
    by Thme & Agyt
  4. Reworks (Rewoven)
    by Aging
  5. Encore (Live at Cafe OTO)
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri (feat. Rachika Nayar, Dear Laika, James Heather)
  6. Neo-Romantic
    by Music For Sleep
  7. Veldwerk
    by Machinefabriek
  8. Interbedded Gneiss Mix
    by Glyn Maier
  9. 9⁰ (4)
    by Giovanni Lami
  10. Landschaften
    by Herz Aus Glas
  11. Hard Luggage
    by Patrick Shiroishi
  12. Scattershot
    by Philip Sulidae
  13. Recent Tape Works/Measurement
    by S. Grey
  14. Table, Garage and Drainpipe
    by S. Grey
  15. Silesco
    by Thme
  16. we know we're right
    by agyt
  17. Warm Like Crystal Throats
    by Dayin
  18. The Seismograph
    by Sequences
  19. A Shifting Presence
    by Lilac Pavilion
  20. Elsewheres
    by Shō