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  1. WIZARD OF LEGEND (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Dale North
  2. 96 Quite Bitter Beings (remastered)
    by CKY
  3. Stardew Valley OST
    by ConcernedApe
    Mines (The Lava Dwellers) Mines (The Lava Dwellers)
  4. Cave Story - Famitracks
    by RushJet1
    Geothermal Geothermal
  5. It Flew By
    by Electric Swing Circus
  6. Twelvemonth
    by sylcmyk
    October October
  7. Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age OST
    by Mitch Murder
  8. OMEGA STRIKE (Original Sound Version)
    by coda
    Omega Citadel Omega Citadel
  9. Road Warriors Soundtrack
    by Shannon Mason (Pongball)
    Garage Garage
  10. Humanity
    by MYRONE
    Sea Salt Breeze Sea Salt Breeze
  11. Cuphead - Original Soundtrack
    by Kristofer Maddigan
    Die House Die House
  12. Diad
    by Diad
  13. Shadow of the Moon
    by Ethan Meixsell
  14. Little Feet
    by Ethan Meixsell
  15. The Electric Swing Circus
    by Electric Swing Circus
  16. Hue
    by MYRONE
  17. Grave Danger (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by coda
    by Boss Battle Records
    Snow Drift Snow Drift
    by Mitch Murder
    Stage 1 Stage 1
  20. Instances
    by Stratos Zero
    Fractals Fractals