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  1. Self Abrogated
    by Clyde Shelton
    Synthwave porn. Absolutely bangin
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Aeolian Sentiments
    by Clyde Shelton
  3. Initiate (Deluxe Edition)
    by demin
  4. Hotel Pools | Constant
    by Hotel Pools
  5. Water
    by Jordan Christoff
  6. Ears
    by PJS
  7. Neuroplasticity
    by PJS
  8. Tapes #3-1
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  9. To Australia With Love
    by Stratford Ct.
    De Lorra - Vision De Lorra - Vision
    Would've bought regardless of the cause >:) 30 unique never-before-seen tracks in a unique 2 tape package? Yes daddy. This whole comp is BANGIN'
  10. Crystal
    by bbrainz
    T E L L M E , H O O O O W I T F E E E E L S
  11. ECHO
    by bbrainz
  12. internet lust
    by bbrainz
  13. Zeldawave II // 近藤 浩治 // MM
    by Polygon Dream
  14. Preconscious - EP
    by Marble Pawns
  15. Self Titled EP
    by This Conception
  16. Now We Sleep
    by Artificial Language
    Trail of Lights Trail of Lights
    this is the kind of thing you simply cannot top.
  17. Stratford Ct. | Secret Selection #41​-​50
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
  18. BS Shit
    by Hot Dad
  19. Two Dreamers
    by Exitpost
    Two Dreamers (featuring Unmo) Two Dreamers (featuring Unmo)
    I'm on the 10th listen, I can't get enough of this
  20. Synthdown
    by Hot Dad
  21. Life Connect®
    by EarthNet™
    Future (now) Future (now)
    Reminds me a lot of deaths dynamic shadow
  22. Years previous spent involuntarily
    by valyri
    A6 -consciilation catharsisfear A6 -consciilation catharsisfear
    This is so psychedelic, I love it
  23. On the Run
    by Eagle Eyed Tiger
  24. Arena Phantasy
    by m a g g i e . w a v
  25. Nostalgi Gaius
    by Gudang
  26. Tau Ceti
    by Foewi
  27. Wander
    by Temporal孤独
    Lifeless Lifeless
    So depressing, and with that semi-oldschool vaporwave feel, i couldnt help myself to buy this tape. I normally don't care for a lot of the vaporwave on this label, I think it's a lot hype and overrated stuff, but this particular hit me as something mostly genuine.
  28. Azur Collection
    by Krosia
  29. Plume Valley
    by Windows96
  30. Hotel Pools | Fall '18
    by Hotel Pools
  31. Live From Japan
    by death's dynamic shroud
  32. IV EP
    by O O EYEZZ
  33. Switched ON: Secret of Mana
    by Switched On
  34. Switched On: A Link to the Past (Extended Edition)
    by Switched On
  35. EOL
  36. Stray
    by Diskette Park
  37. Nitewind | Nite Tapes
    by Nitewind
  38. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
  39. oDDling - Phosphenes (Limited Edition Cassette)
    by oDDling
  40. Escape EP
    by Trevor Something
  41. Pink Secrets
    by Twin Galaxxies
    Six Seperate Six Seperate
    I can't stop listening. Psychedelic Vaporwave? idk.. but it just clicks with me man. Can't wait for my cassette
  42. In Motion
    by Memorex Memories
  43. Pictures Of Purple Skies (Single)
    by Memorex Memories
    This track has easily become a Memorex Memories favorite for me
  44. Legend of Zelda — Gerudo Valley (from Ocarina of Time)
    by Machinae Supremacy
  45. Hotel Pools | Fall '18
    by Hotel Pools