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  1. Love (Piano Version)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  2. Fight This War 2021 (ft. DivinumX)
    by PrinceWhateverer
  3. One Small Thing (Nicolas Dominique Remix)
    by Tw3Lv3 feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch
  4. Aqasha, Goddess of Destruction (feat. Shelley Harland)
    by Jyc Row
  5. Introspection
    by Ponies at Dawn
  6. Red Like Roses pt. 2 (Cover)
    by PrinceWhateverer
  7. Eclipse
    by Ponies at Dawn
  8. Enemy Undefined
    by PrinceWhateverer & Jalmaan
  9. Paralyzed (feat. Lectro Dub)
    by Aviators
  10. Luna's Future (Spectra Remix)
    by Daniel Ingram
  11. Skyward
    by Ponies at Dawn
  12. A Thousand Moons Away
    by BassPon3
  13. Nocturnal
    by MirroredReality
  14. It Just Works
    by The Chalkeaters feat. Kyle Wright
  15. To The Skies (Feat. Chi-Chi)
    by Sawtooth Waves
  16. The Final Countdown (Swing Metal Cover)
    by Connor Engstrom
  17. Inner Peace
    by Mane In Green
  18. Ignite
    by Ponies at Dawn
  19. Friends (feat. Evdog)
    by AnNy Tr3e
  20. Rising Sun
    by sakuraboi