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Nick Wexler

  1. Independence, Kansas
  2. Jazz
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  1. Trance Archeology
    by Steve Roach
  2. Live at Firehouse 12
    by Gerald Cleaver & Violet Hour
  3. exuviae
    by Darius
  4. Live @ Antaris 2017
    by Mystic Crock
  5. Velocity Of Listening
    by Glenn Sogge
  6. Darkly I Listen
    by The Rosenshoul
  7. Recrudescence
    by Various Artists
  8. Darkest Midnight 1
    by Cousin Silas
  9. Data Collector EP
    by Secret Circuit
  10. Out Of Body Interiors
    by Secret Circuit
  11. Short Stories 4
    by Cousin Silas
  12. bad academia
    by Halley Labs Associates
  14. Sound(E)scapes 5
    by Glenn Sogge
  15. Sustain / Decay
    by Adeptus Mechanicus
  16. Gargantuan Gurus
    by Richard D. Ruttenberg
    This is my second purchase from Richard D. Ruttenberg and I love it. I love the funky beats and the great synth lines and sounds. The guitar playing is great too as are all the musicians on this album.
    It is not simply lots of heavy driving beats. There is a lot here and I’m certain I will discover more and more as I listen to this album many more times. The music is interesting and it combines the elements of electronic music with electric jazz to make for a seductive brew of sounds. What I guess I’m trying to say is that all the tracks hold my interest. Great playing and wonderful production. I highly recommend Gargantuan Gurus. Thank you, Richard and friends.
  17. Playing With Fire
    by Deep Energy Orchestra
  18. Aberrant Process
    by Litmus 0001
  19. Reflections under the sky
    by SiJ & Textere Oris
  20. Visitors
    by EXIMIA