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  1. Time Masters
    by Group Modular
  2. Steeple
    by Wolf People
  3. Coalescent Apparatus
    by Alex Ball
    I’m a huge fan of Alex’s YouTube channel and couldn’t wait to download this in FLAC to listen to in full hi fi glory. It sounds absolutely IMMENSE. If you are a fan of vintage synth sounds you should buy this, but this is not just self-indulgent knob-twiddling; these are expertly crafted, beautifully performed pop songs and instrumentals. A triumph.
  4. The Complete Collection (2012 - 2018)
    by Eamonn Watt / The Virtual Conductor
  5. Disparity
    by Sarah Longfield
  6. Nothing Feels Natural
    by PRIESTS
  7. Bleed Cover Stems
    by Sarah Longfield
    The world’s first IKEA song :) you have to assemble it yourself from the different tracks. Planning on dropping them into Audacity later tonight and see what I end up with.
  8. Ruins
    by Wolf People
  9. Machine Intelligence
    by Hyberus
    by Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
  11. Woven In Light
    by The Fine Constant
  12. Songs For Little Voices
    by Zero Pilot
  13. Imarhan - Album
    by Imarhan
    Just heard the single 'Imarhan' on the Lauren Laverne show on 6Music and ordered immediately. What a great record.
  14. Living In The Aftermath
    by Black Leaves of Envy
  15. Shepherds of Cassini
    by Shepherds of Cassini
  16. Morphinist
    by Morphinist
  17. The Opposites Of Light
    by Die So Fluid
  18. The Mystery of Mordy Laye
    by Mordy Laye and the Group Modular
  19. Murder The Mountains (Deluxe Edition)
    by Red Fang
  20. Humble Sky
    by Bleech