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  1. Figure Study
    by Figure Study
  2. Fab Tool feat David Eugene Edwards
    by Carpenter Brut
  3. Wordless (Llewellyn Remix)
    by Jennifer Touch
  4. Behind the Wall
    by Jennifer Touch
  5. Fledermavs 303 Teaser
    by :Wumpscut:
  6. Miami Beach Witches
    by Das mörtal
  7. Lionheart
    by Vestron Vulture
  8. Skon - Nocturnal Improvisation Part I
    by SKON
    This song gives me peace in a time that's not peaceful...
  9. Angels Will Save Us
    by SKON
    Skon is back with another powerful and evocative song. His music's thematic appeal and textures have a dramatic and suspenseful flair that is almost theatrical, yet at the same time its pulse and thump demands you move - and would be perfectly in its element on the dancefloor.

    This combination has truly solidified his sound in a distinct fashion that separates him from so many in the genre in the best way.
  10. The Great Northern Trendkill
    by Vestron Vulture
  11. Motion Sickness
    by Vestron Vulture
  12. Streets of Vengeance
    by Vestron Vulture
    Eternal Eternal
    This is an incredible body of work VV has put together for this soundtrack. One of the best OSTs I've heard in quite a while.
  13. The Fabrics
    by Tornische
  14. Fotodesintegracion
    by Tornische
  15. ...Now (Single)
    by Das mörtal
  16. The Void
    by Das mörtal
  17. Collision EP [LINDA 004]
    by SARIN & Xarah Dion
  18. Faminine Mystique
    by Drab City
  19. Good Songs For Bad People
    by Drab City
    There's an option to pick a favorite track....I can't even choose a favorite. The whole album is sublime.

    I don't care what genre of music you get into - this is extremely well done - a perfect mixture of soothing and catchy.

    Listen to this album. You'll want to hear it again and again....
  20. Occult 89
    by Occams Laser
    Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate
    Occam's Laser has dazzled us with brooding soundscapes and dark thematic flare for quite some time now - however, this album has to be the most robust and well composed body of work of his entire career in my humble opinion.

    I've always enjoyed Occam's Laser's styling and conceptual design....but this is a huge step for him (the grooves and arrangements quite rhythmic and catchy on Heaven's Gate and Nephilim in particular), and I cannot express enough how much you need to own this album.