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  1. Faded Touch
    by Timecop1983
    Forever Forever
    Dreamwave Bliss! Timecop1983 creates amazing, atmospheric, emotive, nostalgic music that takes me back to the 80's and is a soundtrack to my memories. The vocals of Josh Dally adds to this masterpiece.
  2. We Rode Till Sunrise
    by VCR Nightwaves
    Dreamwave Bliss to cruise in my car to!
  3. Proximity
    by New Arcades
    There's Only Two Of Us Now There's Only Two Of Us Now
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  4. Lost Themes III: Alive After Death
    by John Carpenter
    Cemetery Cemetery
    Third great album of lost soundtracks!
  5. City Nights
    by Zak Vortex
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  6. The Wall
    by Tenalock
    Dreamwave Bliss!
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Past, Present, Future
    by VCR Nightwaves
    Dreamwave Bliss!
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. The First Time I Saw You
    by VCR Nightwaves
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  9. Lost Summer
    by The Future Kids
    Sunset Love Part 1 Sunset Love Part 1
    Dreamwave Bliss! This is a fantastic emotive album of the 80's.

    Update - Listening to this album all the time. That first 5 seconds of Sunset Love 1 grabs me and my memories of the 80's. It is like I am right there when I was a kid. That I have travelled through time and watching myself without a care in the world and my whole life ahead of me as this dreamwave classic plays on.

    Also, fantastic visual cover images
  10. Destiny 2021
    by Kiile
    Forever You Forever You
    Fantastic Dreamwave Bliss! One of the greatest albums ever!
  11. Golden Days
    by VCR Nightwaves
    The golden days that were the 80's!
  12. Endless Sunset
    by Xuji Sunset
    Dreamy Clouds Dreamy Clouds
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  13. Cherished Memories
    by VCR Nightwaves
    VCR Nightwaves music takes me instantly back to the 80's where my cherished memories were created.
  14. One Night (feat. Josh Dally)
    by Timecop1983
    More dreamwave bliss from Timecop1983 with great vocals! Looking forward to the album!
  15. A Sea of Stars (feat. Dora Pereli)
    by W O L F C L U B
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  16. Thoughts of Us
    by VCR Nightwaves
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  17. The Last Concorde
    by The Last Concorde
    Light in the Darkness Light in the Darkness
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  18. Euphoria
    by VCR Nightwaves
    80's pleasure, excitement and happiness!
    by NightStop
    Dreamwave Bliss!
  20. 1984
    by BT-84
    Time To Dream Time To Dream
    Dreamwave Bliss!