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  1. Duality
    by Fifth Dawn
  2. The Spirit of Unchainable
    by Crimson Sun
  3. The Border
    by Crimson Sun
  4. Shade Beyond
    by Hand of Kalliach
  5. Big Sky
    by For Giants
  6. The Withering
    by In Loving Memory
  7. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
  8. Perennial (EP)
    by Sojourner
    Perennial Perennial
    Great little EP, this.
  9. The Frozen Trail
    by Hollow Decay
    Regain Regain
    I didn't buy this album upon the first time of hearing it. Shame on me. Maybe I just wasn't playing it loud enough?
  10. Tales Of Othertime
    by Stormkeep
  11. Aftermath
    by Skyforest
  12. Evenstar
    by Dwarrowdelf
  13. Wishdream
    by Abstract Void
  14. Glubina
    by vetvi
  15. Patterns in Mythology
  16. Unity
    by Skyforest
    Autumnal Embrace Autumnal Embrace
    Great album. Love the guest singers too. One of the best atmospheric metal projects out there
  17. The Sons of Fëanor
    by Dwarrowdelf
    Maedhros Maedhros
    this album definitely gets better as it delves deeper. Maedhros is a cruncher!
  18. The Beast And The Machine
    by Eventide
    What an absolute banger of an album! One of the best melodic death albums I’ve ever listened to
  19. Harmony
    by Skyforest
  20. Samhainn
    by Hand of Kalliach
    Husband and wife atmospheric black metal duo- and it’s great! Something quite different to what I’ve heard before. Definitely worth a listen