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  1. The Perpetual Motion
    by Old Dead Tree
    Down- Even If Down- Even If
  2. Water Fields
    by Old Dead Tree
    Regarding Kate Regarding Kate
  3. Feel the waves
    by Ramage Inc.
    Gave up my world Gave up my world
  4. Screaming Melodies
    by Ramage Inc.
    Don't bring me down Don't bring me down
  5. The City That Disappears
    by Thot
    Negative Buildings Negative Buildings
  6. Leaving Eden
    by Antimatter
    The Freak Show The Freak Show
  7. Vain City Chronicles
    by The Crest
    Flavour of the Day Flavour of the Day
  8. Letters from Fire
    by The Crest
    Thorn Thorn
  9. The Enchantress
    by KOBURG
  10. Winter, Thunder, etc.
    by OneHeadedMan
  11. When Dreams Become Nightmares
    by LETHE
    You You
  12. How The World Came To An End
    by Manes
    The Cure-All The Cure-All
  13. Be All End All
    by MANES
    Name The Serpent Name The Serpent
  14. Fearless
    by Legend
    Lust Lust
  15. Chapter One (I've Always Been A Witch)
    by Mrs. Produkt
    Pretty Pretty Walking Genocide Pretty Pretty Walking Genocide
  16. Opheliac
    by Emilie Autumn
    Swallow Swallow
  17. New World March
    by Haujobb
    Dead Market Dead Market
  18. The Annihilation Sequence (LP)
    by Jordan Reyne
    Pieces of Me Pieces of Me
  19. Image
    by Whispering Sons
  20. Grayscale
    by The Atomica Project
    Forecast Forecast