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  1. VI: Flora
    by Botanist
    Stargazer Stargazer
  2. ...Is Doomed
    by Black Wing
    Luther Luther
  3. Holographic Violence
    by Grave Babies
    Eternal (On & On) Eternal (On & On)
    Dark, industrial, gothic post-punk with some shoegaze tendencies. This album has fantastic songwriting and great flow. While I miss some of the psychocandy elements from their previous effort, Holographic Violence is a powerful step forward.
  4. Howl
    by Swain
    Wrongdoer Wrongdoer
    Headbanging noise punk that's visceral and catchy. The lyricism is strong as well. This is a fantastic and memorable record and I'm excited to hear what these guys put together in the future.
  5. Lumi
    by Foquus
    Five Five
    Beautiful soundscapes. I can get lost in this album.
  6. Ego Depletion
    by an0va
    ego depletion ego depletion
    Pure psychedelic, nostalgic goodness stimulating and caressing my ears to orgasm. Wish it was longer!
  7. Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell
    by Megaton Leviathan
    Past 21 Past 21
    Such a powerful release from these guys. Production is solid. I'm transported to an apocalyptic landscape and each sonic layer that is added makes it even more vivid.
  8. Dang Ol' EP
    by These Pilgrims
    Lou Lou
    This is a fun little EP, and an even more fun live show!