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  1. Star
    by Battery Point
    Wish Wish
    Battery Point sound like the soulful, roaring love-child of Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, fusing garage-rock, shoegaze, soul, and funk in a way that is unequivocally unique in an era of generic, one-dimensional pop music.
  2. Battery Point
    by Battery Point
    Street Lights Street Lights
    this album makes me feel like i'm out having a great night with my boys
  3. Messes
    by stef chura
    Spotted Gold Spotted Gold
    Stef Chura's voice is so cool. Spotted Gold is 10/10.
  4. Deep Fantasy
    by S U R F I N G
    Moonlight Moonlight
  5. Avi Buffalo
    by Avi Buffalo
    Five Little Sluts Five Little Sluts
    One of my top ten favorite albums of all time. ALL TIME. Every song is amazing. No song is filler. Just pure guitar bliss. The male and female voices complement each other so perfectly. I will never not love this album.
  6. Velocity:Design:Comfort.
    by Sweet Trip
    Sept Sept
    This album is a revelation. Truly. It has everything. It's courageously experimental. It combines IDM & shoegaze (how they manage this, I have no clue). It's dreamy. It's emotional. It's poppy. It's weird. It even borders on insane at some points. All in all, it's an incredible album that needs to be remembered forever. Plug in your headphones, turn it up as loud as possible, and let this album make sweet, sweet love to your ears.
  7. You Will Never Know Why
    by Sweet Trip
    Forever Forever
    I'm beginning to believe that Sweet Trip is the most innovative, dynamic, incredible group in existence. Let's be honest, if V:D:C isn't in your Top Ten list of the best albums of all time, you don't know shit about music. This album, while much more accessible than their last effort, is still a bountiful collection of incredible, beautiful, memorable songs that will linger in the deep recesses of your mind until the day you die. And thank god for that.
    by CBMC
    Philadelphia II Philadelphia II
    The singer's voice is gorgeous. I could listen to her sing the phone book and I'd still probably swoon. Besides that, this album is still pretty great. There are an abundance of influences from vastly different genres, creating a very unique, dreamy sound. I really dig this.
  9. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Resonance Resonance
    Resonance makes me cry, man. I know the song is a Vine trend right now but the first time i ever listened to it while high... well, it changed me. I felt very alone. The song made me feel as if I was the last person alive on Earth. It's a beautiful feeling, but it's sad sad sad.
  10. Black Wing
    by Black Wing
    I will follow Dan Barrett to the ends of the Earth. I don't give a shit if he puts out an electro-ska album next, I'm buying it. This man is a genius.
  11. O.K.
    by Ó
    The Thunder Answered Back The Thunder Answered Back
    Saw eskimeaux live, and absolutely loved the sound. Each song was memorable in some way. Came home and naturally downloaded the album as quickly as possible. This album is literally filled to the brim with eskimeaux's best songs; every single one is a classic. Each have pop tendencies, but are way too good for radio play.
  12. The Unnatural World
    Guggenheim Wax Museum Guggenheim Wax Museum
    This album is insanely daunting and scares the living hell out of me. Which is good. The climax of Guggenheim Wax Museum gives me chills every time, something that doesn't happen that often with me. Dan Barret is a genius.
  13. unplaces
    by nevergreens
    return from ghost mountain return from ghost mountain
    Simple piano melody with tinges of heartbreak and melancholy. Reminds me of leaving a place where you made great memories (and terrible memories as well).
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  14. bury me at makeout creek
    by Mitski
    first love / late spring first love / late spring
    This album makes me ache in the best possible way. Mitski somehow managed to take feelings of angst and heartbreak and turned it into great music. "First Love/Late Spring" makes me cry every time.