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  1. SHINE
    by Gigolette
    What a moving album. Real synth gem.
  2. Turbo Knight & Time Travel - Dreaming Of Her Eyes
    by Turbo Knight
  3. Focus Every Scene (feat. Roxi Drive) [DeltaCity Emotional Nostalgia Remix]
    by Spectral Knight
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  4. Control (feat. LAU)
    by NINA
  5. Dancing with Me
    by Roxi Drive
    Just lovely.
  6. Moving Spaces
    by Laura Dre
    If Looks Could Kill If Looks Could Kill
    Hot release. Music to listen while smoking a cigar at night.
  7. The Deepest Blue EP
    The Deepest Blue (Dance with the Dead Remix) The Deepest Blue (Dance with the Dead Remix)
    One of the best synthwave singles I've heard. Kristine rocks.
  8. Mad But Soft
    by Mecha Maiko
    Tomodachi (feat. Femmepop) Tomodachi (feat. Femmepop)
    Sweet voice. The whole album is a masterpiece that can be listened for ever.
  9. Art3mis & Parzival
    by GUNSHIP
    Absolutely brilliant. On repeat every evening.
  10. Modern Love EP
    Modern Love (Power Glove Remix) Modern Love (Power Glove Remix)
    If you're looking for the greatest synthpop songs, you should know that they were made in Greece. Modern Love and its remix have been my favourite songs since I discovered this extended play.
  11. Believer (Album)
    by LAU
    Stunning Stunning
    These are some catchy songs and thought-provoking lyrics. Great album.
  12. Kiss Me In The Rain
    by Jessie Frye
    The One The One
    This is the kind of album I simply can't get tired of. Obscure synthpop at its best. Love.
  13. Rise of Turbo Kid (ep)
    by Le Matos
  14. Electric Heart
    by Roxi Drive
    Breathe You Breathe You
    These dreamy and romantic synthpop songs remind me of training scenes from the 80s martial arts films. Say, a protagonist is training for a revenge fight or a final fight against a villain. Perfect music for evening workouts.
  15. The Darkness and The Light
    by Scandroid
    Dark Tide (feat. Megan McDuffee) Dark Tide (feat. Megan McDuffee)
    If I were to choose a soundtrack to dance to in a dystopian cyber nightclub, I'd definitely opt for this compilation.
  16. Dharma (Single)
    by Daniel Deluxe
  17. Infiltrator (Single)
    by Daniel Deluxe
  18. MANIAC feat Yann Ligner
    by Carpenter Brut
    One hell of a cover.
  19. KORA I
    by Kailess
    Не Угаснет Надежда Не Угаснет Надежда
  20. Exile
    by Daniel Deluxe
    Dead No More Dead No More
    A hymn to the dark and gritty future.