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  1. A Walk With Love & Death
    by Melvins
    Christ Hammer Christ Hammer
    Two records, one is a soundtrack and the other is regular record. Christ Hammer and Euthansia are block rockers.
  2. UNPRESIDENTED: DIY vs. Donald Trump
    by Unintimidated: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker
    53% (Overrun) 53% (Overrun)
    27 bands vs. Pres. 45. Long odds but I know where my money is at. Hint: bet on the DIY.

    Great, great bands and music and important stuff.

    If anybody says "protest music is dead" or pines for their precious 60s, just point them right here.
  3. Goths (Deluxe Version)
    by The Mountain Goats
    Shelved Shelved
    Utterly unlike any other Mountain Goats record out there. Moody, with subject matter that focuses on the oblique cliques that save and define lives. I can't stop listening to this one.
  4. Thin Black Duke
    by Oxbow
    Cold and Well-Lit Place Cold and Well-Lit Place
    A remarkably dense and uncompromising work. All of the best things Oxbow has done in the past, with an additional focus on lush arrangements. A world to get lost in.
  5. Ride the Trashheap of Sound
    by The Loyalists
    Shamfrancisco Shamfrancisco
    The raging sounds of palpable discomfort and reckless abandon. The Loyalists return with another manifesto of broken garage rock beamed to Neptune and back mixed with that weird/awesome time when art rock and rock 'n roll could still hang out together and mean mug the popular kids. Deadly serious about knocking down your sacred totems.
  6. slap bass hunks
    by christian fitness
    bruce hated puppies bruce hated puppies
    More excellence from the enigmatic and powerful Mr. Falkous. Essential stuff.
  7. Lines
    by Ghost To Atom
    Homeland Homeland
    What a fantastic band. Operating in the space around some elements of Unwound and Paul Newman, Ghost to Atom put forth a challenging sound without ever sounding trite or contrived. A band that should have found a bigger audience and deserved more things. A hint of prog with well placed post-punk fury. This is well worth your time.
  8. Follow Your Heart
    by The Bismarck
    Walk It Off Walk It Off
    The indefatigable and seeming undefeatable the Bismarck are back with yet another volley of post-punk/noiserock songs. Their first as a trio, neither the energy, the ire or the bombast are spared as these great plains to Seattle transplants bring the damage in a way that the young'uns either can't or won't. A very high recommendation indeed.
    by Lardo
    Nothing Nothing
    I'm calling it right now, one of the best records of 2017. Lardo is back on the scene with a blitzkrieg of new tunes that will absolutely satisfy fans of Six Finger Satellite, Shellac, The Jesus Lizard & many other cornerstones of Noise Rock. The thing with Lardo is that they are actually adding something new to the mix. Bit Commander'd guitar and a contract killer's sense of purpose and economy. Angular, hooky, irritable earworms that have already infected your system. I'm sorry, it's terminal.
  10. Regrets
    by War Brides
    Day Drinking Day Drinking
    Rip roarin' Daughers/Jesus Lizard style bangers. A relentless assault of hard partying discordance mission statements. Play it loud or get the hell out.
  11. Annex
    by Magpies
    Places & Ghosts Places & Ghosts
    Straight out of Missoula Montana comes the band Magpies. Who manage to take all the song things that you loved about Sonic Youth, pick up the torch and run with it. The guitars chime and soar, the co-ed vocals propel the tunes and what you get is something totally familiar, yet a little bit new at the same time. Annex is probably their best work yet at the time of this writing, and Magpies thankfully show no signs of slowing down.
  12. Suppressor
    by Beat Drun Juel
    Hugger Hugger
    What if PJ Harvey fronted the Dazzling Killmen? What if Uzeda was a sharp and taut 3-piece? Good starting points, but BDL are all their own and worth your close attention. Noisy, but hooky and aggressive as all get out.
    Essential stuff.
  13. Ruby the Tank
    by Ruby the Tank
    Honey Honey
    These two kids sing like fuggin' angels ovah heah. What even is this? Too much.
  14. Xuma
    by The God Eaters
    Of All The Places You Could Land Of All The Places You Could Land
    Utter badasses from MQT. Recommended!
  15. Holy Fuck
    by Young Indian
    Liquorball Sandwiches Liquorball Sandwiches
  16. Swim Buddies
    by OUT
    Cyclists Cyclists
  17. Routine Enthusiasm
    Notice Of Intent Notice Of Intent
    Hot rocking from Canada! A nice mix of Hot Snakes bombast and fugazi tension and release. Practice Wife have got the goods, and they do it without aplomb and vigor.
  18. Position Remote
    by Multicult
    Afterward Afterward
  19. Deep Drags
    by Charmless
    Better Off Better Off
  20. BURDEN
    by War Brides
    Shark Shark
  21. The Last Days of the Sick and the Tired
    by The Terrible News
    Legend of the Goatman Legend of the Goatman
  22. Crystal Fairy
    by Crystal Fairy
    Crystal Fairy Crystal Fairy
    Dale and Buzz + Teri = YES PLEASE. Add in Omar on bass and you have a damn good start on something wonderful.
  23. LOST & FOUND
    by reverb bomb
  24. 16 / Rainbows
    by Mountain of Fire and Miracles
    16 16
  25. "ALARMS"
    by Fatesealer
  26. New Wilderness
    by The Glacial Speed
    New Wilderness New Wilderness
  27. No Dreams
    by The Family Ghost
    Fall Behind Fall Behind
  28. Least of My Concerns
    by Freeway Park
    New Danger Activities New Danger Activities
  29. That's Not A Virus
    by The Ex
    The Ex are an incredible band. This may be one of my favorite songs they have ever done. That's saying a LOT.
  30. Whiskey for the Holy Ghost
    by Mark Lanegan
    The River Rise The River Rise
  31. Lend You A Hand
    by Tight Bros from Way Back When
    Make It A Habit Make It A Habit
  32. Collapse / Destruct
    by Tiny Peloton
    Collapse/Destruct Collapse/Destruct
  33. The Blue Line
    by Bon Air
    Bizarre Love Gun Bizarre Love Gun
  34. The Maggot
    by Melvins
    Amazon (part 1) Amazon (part 1)
  35. Black Madonna
    by The Austerity Program
    Song 12 Song 12
  36. Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn
    by The Austerity Program
    Song 25 Song 25
  37. The English Hustle
    by The Bismarck
    Northern Girls Northern Girls
    The Bismarck deliver yet again with a punchy release full of plucky "should have been" undergound hits. Anthems for smart and angry people who like their guitars loud.
  38. Drawing the City Walls
    by Rooms
    Blazers Blazers
  39. Celebrate Your Worth
    by The Blind Shake
    Reasonable World Reasonable World
    The unsinkable Blind Shake bring the damage with their best album since Seriousness. Everything they do well in one nicely wrapped package. Alien surf dance noise rock new wave from outer space upside your head!
  40. Stillicide
    by Helms Alee
    Tit to Toe Tit to Toe
    stunning. Absolutely stunning, masters of their craft.
  41. Ghost Fleet
    by The Mass
    Neuronic Channels Driven to Agitation Neuronic Channels Driven to Agitation
    An absolute pummeling of epic proportions. Expect top notch musicianship, and absolutely no mercy given. The Mass's stunning return could possibly be one of their very best. Difficult music for difficult people, and to be clear: I mean that as a compliment.
    RIYL: Melvins, NoMeansNo, Breadwinner, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Naked City.
  42. New Skin For Old Children
    by Nocturnal Habits
    Good Grief Good Grief
    Justin Trosper is back... and this time, it's PERSONAL. Seriously though, the Unwound guitarist is back with secret weapon Sara Lund on drums and a good portion of the very excellent band Two Ton Boa for a romp of intelligent, moody, sometimes angular, mostly shoegazey tunes that are sure to appeal to Unwound fans and many others as well. With quiet authority, New Skin...not only rewards multiple listens with it's lush beauty, the hooks are immediate.
  43. No
    by The Cell Phones
    You Make Me Say No You Make Me Say No
    nothing on Earth sounds the Cell Phones, they rule the school and all the schools around them. Imagine Tina Turner fronting NoMeansNo, Freddie Mercury fronting the Minutemen, PJ Harvey fronting DFA 1979. That's a decent start, but you still need to get your head kicked in by this badass band. Do it, do it now!
  44. Fake Fake
    by STNNNG
    Grand Island, NE Grand Island, NE
    by Lardo
    Run Away Run Away
    Bonkers good and hyper intelligent noiserock. Recommended for fans of Brainiac, Les Savy Fav and Shellac

    Single handedly states the case for musical use of the Bitcommander pedal