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  1. Protons and Electrons: Atom 8 - Jilted Dragon / Turbo Lightning - Give a Man A Brain
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Jilted Dragon Jilted Dragon
  2. Protons and Electrons: Atom 10 - Amargosa State of Mind / Maple Stave - Thunderkiss '85
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    subscriber exclusive
  3. Protons and Electrons: Atom 9 - Cop Knock / Cheap Sleaze - Freeze Queen/Troll Trap
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
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  4. BLAHA - "Survival Climb"
    by Blaha
    Survival Climb Survival Climb
    Mike Blaha of the Blind Shake has a hell ass rock quarter, this is their most raucous to date and it's sure to please those that like their rock both wiry and engaged. Worthy of a listen to anybody interested in the cross roads of post-punk and garage rock.
  5. Blaha - "The Long Arm of the Photo Booth"
    by No Coast
    A Scout Is Trustworthy A Scout Is Trustworthy
  6. When All Of The Shit Hits All Of The Fans (The Hand Vol. 3 & 4)
    by THE HAND
    The Tick The Tick
    Mysterious, elusive and irresistible, the HAND has done more than any band since the Residents in putting together a band image that forces you to judge them on the merits of the music. Zak played in Low and Enemymine, and Dale played in Steel Pole Bathtub, Milk Cult and Novex. Anyway, this is raucous and hooky noiserock that can simultaneously evoke the Birthday Party, the Velvet Underground, the Melvins

    Ltd edition and HYPER unique. this is a world to be invited into.
  7. All the King's Horses
    by Lung
    Butcher Butcher
    LUNG are back with a new album. You'll never believe that a band with just Cello, vocals and drums can sound so full. Propulsive, Heavy, tuneful and thoughtful. Incredible lyrics, powerful arrangements and songs that stick with you for long after you stop listening.

    The only problem is they have a very unique sound, which isn't always rewarded. I need you to trust me when I say that this is WELL worth your time and one of the best records of 2018.

    Bonus: a timely David Bowie cover.
  8. Joy as an Act of Resistance.
    by IDLES
    Samaritans Samaritans
    One part mclusky style agit-rant post-punk, one part The Fall at their least rambly and one part "the lads" style bar room sing along. A unique band that is getting a good amount of hype right now for a good reason. The album is a grower, not a shower.
  9. Strictly Cruis'n
    by WORK
    Get Down Get Down
    WORK are back, w/a tight new slab of some serious rock 'n roll. (Well, not so serious if you consider the song titles... ) nevertheless, wry wordplay, clever songwriting & an intent to bring the damage w/ rock solid rhythms and hooky leads are on deck. Fans of the Minutemen, Spoon at their brattiest & loudest, Obits, & early ZZ Top can get stoked. This is ROCK music (ROCK, all caps, just like the band name WORK.) coming from a punk place. It's well worth your time. Gotta gotta get to the show!
  10. A Laughing Death in Meatspace
    by TFS
    Soft Power Soft Power
    Absolutely powerful stuff. Great songs with incredible left turns. Moody, claustrophobic and staggeringly self aware, like a sentient computer raised on Bill Hicks comedy specials, Howard Zinn, Black MIrror and Twin Peaks. I heard this blind, knowing nothing of any other or previous bands and loved it. Maybe you will too? It's a hell of a ride. Possible record of the year.
    RIYL: the pAperchAse, Dead Rider, Leonard Cohen, the Knife
  11. nuance - the musical
    by christian fitness
    hamsterland hamsterland

    Nuance makes heavy use of strings and adult arrangements? (not pornography, you understand.). There aren't any "candle in the wind" style ballads, or any regrettable ska numbers, but after 3 rock-solid, rockers certain to please fans of mclusky and fotl. This one is different, denser, & a little more challenging. Delivered with a smirk of sardonicism and a twinge of dystopian theatrical heights. There's a lot here, but it keeps me coming back to listen regularly. Fantastic album.
  12. All At Once
    by Screaming Females
    I'll Make You Sorry I'll Make You Sorry
    Probably the best Screaming Females record yet... totally rips. A consistently great and hard working live band delivers their go-to record on record, what. 7? Not counting the live one. Incredible. These's an adventure rock song on here and a song that legit sounds like it could be played as a prom. (I mean that as a compliment. )
    RIYL: Dinosaur Jr. Pixies, Silkworm
  13. Protons and Electrons: Atom 7 - Armies of the Mind / The God Eaters - Cluster Fuck Shit Show
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Armies of the Mind Armies of the Mind
  14. You're Going to Die, Just Like I Am
    by Ribbonhead
    Racing to the Bottom Racing to the Bottom
  15. Racing to the Bottom EP
    Leather Finger Leather Finger
  16. Animals
    Gray Gray
  17. I Must Have Peace, and This is the Only Way
  18. Burnt Sugar
    by Gouge Away
    Ghost Ghost
    A fascinating band! Sometimes hardcore, sometimes a bit more noiserock... strong songs and a powerful lady singer. A band to watch!
  19. Unreality
    by Andrew Cohen & Light Coma
    Repack Repack
  20. Our Own Devices
    by J. Robbins
    Our Own Devices Our Own Devices
  21. People Wonder
    by New Standards Men
    Dunedin Dunedin
  22. Suki Yaki Hot!
    by Devils Teeth
    Diamond Rio Diamond Rio
  23. I'll Take Care of You
    by Mark Lanegan
    I'll Take Care Of You I'll Take Care Of You
  24. Photo-Curio
    by Photo-Curio
    Maybe Next Summer Maybe Next Summer
  25. Fall Tragic (single)
    by Continues
    Fall Tragic Fall Tragic
  26. Complacent
    by War Brides
    Homeowner Homeowner
  27. Dead Now
    by Dead Now
    Bird Leaf Bird Leaf
    Wizard Wand Wizard Wand
  29. keep on the grass
    by J.D. Pinkus
    i don't care i don't care
  30. The Fickle Finger Of Fate
    by Dale Crover
    Bad Move Bad Move
    He's not just half of the core of the Mighty Melvins, he's not just the drum genius who makes things happen with me in Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, he's a talented songwriter, guitar player and singer and this is totally and completely worth your time! Cool songs, a little more classic rock than you might expect and worth a listen. Check it out, chocky. Awesome, vibe-y record with hidden hooks.
  31. Pinkus Abortion Technician
    by Melvins
    Don’t Forget To Breathe Don’t Forget To Breathe
    Mo' Melvins! Long may they run. Don't Forget to Breathe is one of my favorite Melvins songs in years.
  32. Unbuilding
    by The Pauses
    Digital Detox Digital Detox
  33. We Smelled of Lavender
    by The Terrible News
    My Friends My Friends
  34. III
    by C Average
    Dark Matters Dark Matters
  35. A Broke Moon Rises
    by Papa M
    Walt's Walt's
  36. So Pretty (Expanded)
    by Kid Dakota
    Smokestack Smokestack
    Still sounds otherworldly, still sounds timeless... now with more extras!
  37. Beg Your Pardon
    by SAVAK
    Nature Erased Nature Erased
  38. Bottom of the Barrel
    by Lung
    Bottom of the Barrel Bottom of the Barrel
    Frenzied and furious Cello, Vocals and Drums badassery. Absolute earworms that comes at you from an aggressive punk/post-punk place but has an incredible sense of melody, hooks and purpose. This is legit plus stuff and I can't think of a single band they really sound like. Just get it.
    by IDLES
    Mother Mother
    Bristol lads rawking the noiserock with a dash of sort of punk rock sing-a-long good times, celebrating deeper themes and concepts than most bands that work in the genre.
  40. Protons and Electrons: Atom 6 - Petulant Messiah / Rally - HVAC
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Petulant Messiah Petulant Messiah
  41. Protons and Electrons: Atom 5 - This is the Line / Reptoid - No Human
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    This is the Line This is the Line
  42. Dynamite Death Chair
    by Dynamite Death Chair
    Yer Birthday Yer Birthday
    One of the flat out coolest rock records (with no adjective or additional descriptor) that i've heard in awhile. Trending more towards the side of power-pop, fans of Thin Lizzy, Big Star, Sloan, Cheap Trick, etc. You are gonna need this in your life. A bold beginning, and a worthy listen.
  43. Everything We Agreed About
    by Haunted Heads
    Tongues Until There's Blood Tongues Until There's Blood
    Unforgettable hooks, raucous riffs and superior songwriting. In a different time Haunted Heads would be the darlings of the indie rock world. RIYL: Built to Spill (at their least jammy!), Sebadoh (at their most stable) and the Thermals.
  44. Protons and Electrons: Atom 4 - Paved Age / Nonagon - Saffir-Simpson
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Paved Age Paved Age
  45. 27 passports
    by The Ex
    Soon All Cities Soon All Cities