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  1. Decima Circuits_Cottage Industries 10
    by Various
  2. Eaciv+
    by rRine
    Eluvium Eluvium
    Essential purchase. rRine and Martin@Touched launch into near earth orbit with this resurrected gem. Sublime mix of afxting beats, A(e)mber coloured chords and Boc-ish drift but remains completely original to its core. <3 this to bits.
  3. Tired Sounds (2012) Expanded
    by Rings Around Saturn
  4. MOA061
    by Milieu
  5. Nature of Chaos Vol. II
    by E.L.M Collective
  6. Dopodomani
    by E.L.M Collective
  7. 187' LDL
    subscriber exclusive
  8. CCD
    by NYZ
    boomttsachattak Hit me with dem riddim sticks... been waiting for Nyz to turn the machines on to tooled precision beats and CCD werks the Kraft out of them and goes into hyper jazz space...nice.
  9. Data Dump Generator & Sound Bank
    by DJ Haus
    Deflector Sheild Deflector Sheild
    instant mash pick n mix fun and games - just add knob twiddling for full enjoyment!
  10. Stasi Acid
    by Karl Marx
  11. Synthetic Dreams (Anetha Remix)
    by X-Coast
    subscriber exclusive
  12. Desert Sound Colony & Coco Bryce Remixes
    by DJ Haus
  13. Game Theory
    by Mershak
    Duality Duality
    Lush! Crispy fried transistor beats and deeply tasty chordal sauce on top. I'll have mine to go.
  14. Steadfast / Fixer
    by Arctor
    Fixer Fixer
    Smart tight beats. Technical but flows like a mofo.
  15. Circular System
    by Estebahn
    Himsagar Himsagar
    lots of goodness here. itchy, scratchy, booming bass jacking over scrumpled up compressed beats in a thick air of dub smoke.
  16. Lost My Meth
    by Hermeth
  17. VA001
    by Mind Controlled Rectifier
  18. VA - The Sound Of Metrohm Vol 1
    by Tevatron, Biz, Anton X, Antony Dupont, Dj Tuttle, City 2 City, Studyman, Trecci, Squal G, François V
  19. Futuregraphic
    by Futuregrapher
  20. Future Wounds - [FS023]
    by Roger van Lunteren