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  2. Metal
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  1. White Death
  2. Nachzehrer
  3. Solstice Cycle
    by Aethyrick
  4. Kvile
    by Eldrim
    Kvile Kvile
  5. Sadness - Circle of veins
    Eye of prima Eye of prima
  6. Ascending Divers - Rêverie sur le seuil
    The Victim The Victim
  7. Salute To The Iron Emperors
    by Truppensturm (Ván Records)
    Armed & Commanded Armed & Commanded
  8. The Shapeless Mass
    Call From The Grave Call From The Grave
  9. LIFA
    by Heilung
  10. Drangsal
    by Zeit
  11. Demo
    by Atlaliyatl
    Cuando Las Flores Sangran Cuando Las Flores Sangran
  12. Ära
    by Pest
    Am Ende des Weges Am Ende des Weges
  13. All Shall Return To Chaos
    by Insanity Cult
    And All Shall Return To Chaos... And All Shall Return To Chaos...
  14. Till death do us part
    by -MANKIND-
  15. Schrei der Sirenen
    by Hexengrab
    Flammenwerfer Flammenwerfer
  16. Oderint Dum Metuant
    by Hexengrab
    I Smell Death I Smell Death
  17. Demo I
    by Varzoroth
    Plague Bringer Plague Bringer
  18. Dungeon Lord (demo)
    Dark Ages / Dungeon Vigil Dark Ages / Dungeon Vigil
  19. Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm
    by Grimdor
  20. The Lonely Mountain EP
    by Grimdor
    The Lonely Mountain The Lonely Mountain
  21. Stone of the Hapless EP
    by Grimdor
  22. Ferne Lichter, alte Geister
    by Drudenstein
  23. Energy Miasma
    by Daimon
    Daimon - Energy Miasma / Manifestation of Cosmos Daimon - Energy Miasma / Manifestation of Cosmos
  24. Hymns for the Fallen Angels - Split w/DAIMON
    by kleistophobia
    Dance of Death Dance of Death
  25. Death comes in Winter
    by Undarlih
    Death comes in Winter Death comes in Winter
  26. Sodomising The Ritual Whore
    by AbbatoirOvGoats
  27. Luciferian Torches
    by Satanic Warmaster
  28. Fimbulvetr
    by Halo Of Miasma
    appears in 1 other collection
  29. Satanic Death [rehearsal session]
    by Nocturnal
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Driven By Evil
    by Burial Ground
    Alco R'n'R Alco R'n'R
  31. Heritage&Blood
    by Thurthul
    Victory or Death Victory or Death
  32. Enshrined In Eternity
    by Bašmu
    Embodying Ophidian Energies Embodying Ophidian Energies
  33. Potestas Magicum Diaboli
    by Asagraum
    Gospel of Ignition Gospel of Ignition
  34. Kirchentag
    by Orek
    Kalte Klare Nacht Kalte Klare Nacht
  35. Burning Banners of the Funereal War
    by Warmoon Lord
    Funereal Blood Funereal Blood
  36. Hateful North
    by Totenwolf
    In Fly Over The North In Fly Over The North
  37. Ombre
    by Croc Noir
    Charogne (Version Champêtre) [Bonus Track] Charogne (Version Champêtre) [Bonus Track]
  38. V. Wastow
    by Ifernach
    Kluscap, Lord of Beast and Human beings Kluscap, Lord of Beast and Human beings
  39. Réflexion Funèbre
    by Furfur
    Consumation Consumation
  40. Sanguinare Vampiris
    by Thuringwethil
  41. Bergdorf
    by Nachteule
  42. Mort
    by Croc Noir
    Égérie funeste Égérie funeste
  43. Praxis
    by Aethyrick
    Wayfarer Wayfarer
  44. This church Will Be My pyre
    by Oppenheimer
  45. Kill Him
    by Oppenheimer