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  1. HER
    by Anni Rossi
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    House of Rossi House of Rossi
    It is so different, playful with the idea of an album, mixtape, yet intimate. It is intriguing and challenging to listen to, not cleanly mixed or mastered, but that's the point. The project is visual for me, words, sung, spoken or phoned in, painting a picture.
    by Monarch Mtn
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    Marathon Man Marathon Man
  3. TRANS
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    I Am You I Am You
  4. Work - EP
    by Marcus Marr & Chet Faker
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    Learning For Your Love Learning For Your Love
    This album is full of grooves and emotion; dancefloors will be slow burning with stories of love. The musicianship is excellent; this delivers a very organic feeling dance album. Looking forward to another collaboration between these two in the future.
  5. CHAM!
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
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    Intro (w Kokayna) Intro (w Kokayna)
  6. Young Heartache EP
    by Bullion
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    Time For Us All To Love Time For Us All To Love
    by D O L O R
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    Ice Nine Ice Nine
  8. A Million Miles Away
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
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    Grandlife, Highlife (w/Rollergirl) Grandlife, Highlife (w/Rollergirl)
    In high school, I listened to Junko Ohashi, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Tatsuro Yamashita, YMO among others. I grew up on hip hop and sampling while my father was huge into disco, jazz and funk. This music combines all that I love!
  9. LPs 2002-2005
    by Deadbeat
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    Port-au-Prince Port-au-Prince
    Deadbeat has been a staple in my collection along with the likes of Ceebrolistics and Andreas Tilliander. This collection is beautiful and quite the steal with the amount of great musical pieces. Electronic music at its finest; as a filmmaker, this is such a great set of tracks. Perfect for a nightdrive and when you just step into a new environment, this music is a must!
  10. Darknet - Original Soundtrack Recording
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    Wounded Bird Wounded Bird
  11. The Phoenix
    by Mesita
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    Phoenix Deluxe Phoenix Deluxe
  12. A Parallel Life
    by Ocoeur
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    Red Red
    I stumbled across this album after listening to the title track and discovered this gem. It feels like a soundtrack, something that to me, a filmmaker, lends itself easily to visuals. It invokes awe and is something refreshing and new for your ears to behold, a melodic, powerful journey in a sonic landscape.
  13. Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)
    by AbJo
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    Reprisal Reprisal
  14. _UNDFND
    by AFTA-1
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    Temple Temple
  15. It's You
    by Neon Bunny
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  16. Blue Collar Sessions
    by Mars ILL
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    Redefine Redefine
  17. Fight to Make it Up
    by Takenobu
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  18. Open Arms
    by amanaplan
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  19. 151a
    by Kishi Bashi
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    Bright Whites Bright Whites
  20. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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    Body Double Body Double