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  1. Vacuum Noises (or synthgaze to make you cry and wither)
    by Astrophysics
  2. Black Sand (Acoustic)
    by Fearing
    by Triathalon
  4. Cutty
    by Cutty
  5. Midnight Eyes E.p.
    by Midnight Eyes
    Nothin' For you Nothin' For you
  6. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
  7. Shadow
    by Fearing
  8. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
  9. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
  10. First Flesh
    by DETOXI
  11. Death Spiral
    by Glitch Black
  12. New Model
  13. Grave of a Dog
    by Sightless Pit
  14. Eyes On Backwards
    by Dead When I Found Her
  15. Funeral Home Sessions
    by Cult of the Psychic Fetus
  16. Online
    by Triathalon
  17. Ghosts
    by The Necromancers Union
  18. Interdimensional Invocations
    by Xoth
  19. Unwelcome Guests
    by Blood Lord
  20. Astro's Bizarre Discoteque
    by Astrophysics