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  1. Les Retranchements
    by Silhouette
  2. Kill It, Torture It, Drown It
  3. Bacchus
    by BACCHUS
  4. Reverb (album 2021)
  5. Cold Gate
  6. Mycoplasma
    by Infirme Infini
  7. The Warmonger (EP 2020)
    by Bataille
  8. Somnifer
    by Mistral
  9. Adventurers Despised and Rejected
    by Disgusting Cathedral
  10. Dikter om döden
    by Höstblod
  11. Vigor Reconstruct: A Benefit For The Soroka Family
    by Soroka Family Benefit
  12. To Commune with the Court of Nature
    by The Woodwose
  13. LTT032 - Käärmekuu
    by Dharsvagûndzmal
  14. LTT031 - The Ephemeral Planes of War
    by Bestial Crusade
  15. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
    by Phranick
    Entry I - A Flesh Cold to the Touch Entry I - A Flesh Cold to the Touch
  16. Tales of the Shitty Wizard
    by Low Cunning
    by Inferno Requiem
  18. Long Days Journey Into Night
    by Mr. Broody Brood
  19. Dans les pinces du Meka-Gani
    by Attaque Souple
  20. MIGHTIEST / DEPRESSIVE SILENCE - The Recreation of the Shadowlands (Split Demo 1995)
    by Mightiest