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  1. Damaged Interface
    by Rashida Prime
    {two sides} {two sides}
    This is one of my favorite Dreampunk albums ever made. It has just the right mixture of texture and movement. The new cover is fantastic and the short story is a match made in heaven!

    Hypnotic. Immersive. Otherworldly.
  2. Sacred
    by Kuroi Ame
    Looking For Someone Looking For Someone
    The perfect balance between worldbuilding ambience and storytelling melodies. A beautiful album that embodies the feeling of searching the city streets at night.
  3. Closer
    by MVEJIMV
    Motion Motion
    This might be the best Wave / Vaportrap album in years. The vinyl color choices were a bit odd, they should've just gone with yellow and black but the cover art direction is fantastic.

    The ambient synths paint a vast Cyberpunk Cityscape of neon rain and when the 808s hit, there's no going back.
  4. Kmart 1989-1992
    by PowerPCME
    Rubbermaid Rubbermaid
    It's finally here! The wait was insane but justified and the end product was totally worth it! This is one of my favorite albums of all time. It perfectly evokes memories of a golden age drenched in nostalgia while also constantly reminding you of the consumerism you're surrounded by. It is what it says:
    The Kmart Dream
  5. 小圈子
    by 輕描淡寫
    我昨晚梦见你了 我昨晚梦见你了
    An ambient masterpiece. Instead of wandering aimlessly in a city, here you walk straight towards a sea of emotions. Every note carries the weight of the universe.
  6. A T R I U M
    by Hallmark '87
    LOOKING UP_________________ LOOKING UP_________________
    This album sparked my love for Brutalism. Dark, yet inspiring. Terrifying, yet calm.

    Brutalism made manifest in sound.
  7. A C A D E M Y
    by Hallmark '87
    I absolutely love Hallmark 87's Brutalism series! Academy is a worthy sequel to Atrium as it evolves the sound while still capturing the vibe of brutalist architecture. This time you have overcome the initial fear and intimidation heard in Atrium and fully commit to exploring the building.
  8. Forever
    by akiaura
    I love VILL4IN but I have to call them out on this one: is missing on the vinyl despite being on the tracklisting at the back of the cover and on bandcamp. Nothing indicated this on the BC page, which is quite a bummer because it is my favorite track.
  9. 眼泪含泪
    by 輕描淡寫 x Kuroi Ame
    新生的春天「Rebirth of Spring」feat. Rashida Prime 新生的春天「Rebirth of Spring」feat. Rashida Prime
    This is it. The frontier.
    I wonder where we will go from here.
  10. Palm Mall Mars [Remastered]
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    Commercials Commercials
    Wir entwickeln die Zukunft für sie - Thyssen Krupp
  11. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
    Vignette: Panacea Vignette: Panacea
    A wonderful marriage between synths and Impressionism. Disasterpeace is among the best video game composers to date in my opinion. This album was my start in Impressionism and I can't wait for the Solar Ash soundtrack!
  12. Inner Sphere
    by Voyage Futur
    Sunken Forest Sunken Forest
    Simply Beautiful! I know it's a cliché but this truly feels like the remastered soundtrack to a lost 16bit game.
  13. Hotel Pools | Fall '18
    by Hotel Pools
    Parallel Feat. oDDling Parallel Feat. oDDling
  14. Hotel Pools | Constant
    by Hotel Pools
    Return Return
    Gorgeous cover art, gorgeous vinyl and 30 Minutes of solid Synthwave!
  15. Zero Wave
    by ADMO
    On The Nightway On The Nightway
  16. Gaze
    by w u s o 命 & Sangam
    Nightly Blur Nightly Blur
    Dark, threatening and without compromises.
  17. VOID-005
    by LowXY
    Infinity Infinity
    An immersive trip to a neon-lit dystopia, worthy of the cover art.
  18. Tomorrow, 2096
    by 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖
    Yesterday, 2095 Yesterday, 2095
    Solid Dreampunk with some unique sounds. But that Citylight vinyl... it looks even more amazing in person!
  19. everlasting
    by van1sh
  20. VOID-002 - 暗号零
    by 暗号零
    无法入睡 [feat. _hy0] 无法入睡 [feat. _hy0]
    Beautiful and catastrophic.