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  1. Princess, Part 1
    by Mel Stone
    Simone Simone
    Melodically upbeat tunes with some of the most raw and cutting lyrics I've heard in a minute, do yourself a favor and listen!!!!!!!
  2. Partial Magic
    by HAMM.
    Uninterrupted Black Uninterrupted Black
    I've been singing Uninterrupted Black to myself since I heard the version on youtube a while ago, and every one of these tracks has a melody or a line that'll stick in your brain. Just a bunch of lovely, incredible tunes.
  3. wichtige Kunstlieder
    by HAMM.
  4. The Long Way Around: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Two
    by Jack de Quidt
    Love's First Explosion Love's First Explosion
  5. Bluff City: Friends At The Table Soundtrack
    by Jack de Quidt
  6. Radio Quiet - Music from The Adventure Zone: Amnesty
    by Griffin McElroy
    Roots, Seeds, Branches Roots, Seeds, Branches
  7. Red Jack
    by Jack de Quidt
  8. Peaceful as Hell
    by Black Dresses
    This album rules and it only gets better the more you listen to it. So many of these songs hit hard, I have a difficult time picking a favorite. But I love the...optimistic(?) note it ends on. Excited for what Ada and Devi do next.
  9. Marielda: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, The Interlude
    by Jack de Quidt
    The Crosstown Job The Crosstown Job
    So so so so so good. I keep coming back to this long after listening to Marielda.
  10. Invisible Ax
    by 4th Curtis
    No Artist No Artist
    Melodies that get stuck in your head, lyrics that just HIT, unexpectedly lovely harmonies- Just absolute slappers from start to finish??? No Artist is the my top fave but frankly Marie Antoinette and Nonstop are CLOSE seconds.
  11. Inside Of You
    by Natalie Fideler
    Glad this introduced me to this artist! this tune is a banger, the opening verse in particular RULES.