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  1. Beyond
    by Shrug
  2. Therapy - II
    by Shrug
  3. Therapy - I
    by Shrug
  4. D'ü'nexse pënnsê'es vïscëaeràyle j'innståüaerrs lëyyns hôt'ësse,.,.,.,
    by coffret de bijoux
  5. Patriots Blood
    by Patriots Blood
  6. Rurbania
    by Rurbania
  7. Various Artists - As Above So Below
    by Grime Stone Records
  8. Demo MMXXIV
    by Flameskull
  9. J'aeae cr​à​iserais j'squa je n'a​ï​e pluxe d'e vie​,​.​,​.​, perssonage n'ex sembleple s'enne pr​é​onccuxperale
    by coffret de bijoux
  10. Olde Bard - Jewels Of The Spidercrown
    by Olde Bard
  11. Civilization Is The Tomb Of Our Noble Gods
    by La Torture Des Ténèbres
  12. V
    by La Torture Des Ténèbres
  13. Daedric Chamber - Necromantik
    by Daedric Chamber
  14. Love and Agony
    by Eternity's Nightfall
  15. Unearthly Gasp - I
    by Unearthly Gasp
  16. i told the stars everything
    by enchantedwoods333
  17. La solitude dans l'agitation
    by nea selini
  18. Dans le cimetière abandonné
    by Cachot d'Effroi
  19. Songs of Sistrum
    by Crymych
  20. Love and Agony
    by Eternity's Nightfall