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Ace Buchannon

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  1. The Agenda
    by Major Oscillator
  2. Secret
    by Ace Buchannon & Primo the Alien
  3. Eye of the Storm
    by Ace Buchannon
  4. Magnitude
  5. Dunkirk
    by Noradrenaline
  6. IAM
    by iamMANOLIS
  7. Colours
    by Centric81
    Avaans Avaans
    The whole album has a general sense of a seasoned, real artist behind all this music. The music of the whole album sounds honest, personal, non-compromising, not straying from the artist's vision. It is also evident that it took a huge amount of time and care to get such a perfect body of work together.
  8. A Long Time
    by HiRO.JP
  9. Christmastime with You
    by Primo the Alien
    Excellent production, mix and master but most importantly the vocal MELODIES! Needless to even mention the vocal delivery by Primo. It's above anyone in synthwave. Just listen to it....
  10. Flip The Switch
    by Phaserland
    Touching Jade Again Touching Jade Again
    I love it for it's the Phaserland sound - Evolved!
    Can't decide my favorite track between Flip The Switch, Junk Parts and Touching Jade Again.
  11. #1 Alien
    by Primo the Alien
  12. Ghostbusters
    by Pretty Glass Folk & Friends
  13. Kobun (single)
    by Ferus Melek
  14. Introspection
    by Billy Mays Band
  15. Emotional Investments
    by Michael Weber
    Withered Roses Withered Roses
    this time it's more personal, emotional. But you'll find that signature Michael Weber finesse on it too and it bangs!
  16. Completely Mental Volume 1
    by The State of Synth
  17. Giant Space Lasers
    by Runaway Droid
  18. New World Banzai / 新世界Banzai
    by Satellite Young
  19. Liminality
    by DreamReaper
  20. Pacific Cruise (feat. David Rogers)
    by Adryelle