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  1. Cancel.wav
    by Cosmic Taste
  3. Your Heart is a Pie Chart
    by roboctopus
  4. Volume IV
    by Dj CUTMAN
  5. SPACE-Bandcamp Edition-
  6. Soundcloud Collection
    by Night Tempo
  7. Eucatastrophe
    by The Syntax Sin Tax
    Eclipsed Eclipsed
    I love The Syntax Sin Tax because he defies to be different and the style is so poetic. I can't wait for more music!
  8. Music EXP
    by Game Music 4 All
  9. Singularity Crisis
    by Buried For A Day
  10. River City Random
    by Mega Ran
  11. No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now
    by The World is Square
  12. NEScapism
    by The Electric Witch
  13. Super Smash Land OST
    by Inverse Phase
  14. Talking Classics Compact Disc On the Internet
    by Keith Apicary
  15. The Mario Opera: Act 1 (demos)
    by Jonathan Mann
  16. 8-Bit Pimp
    by A_Rival
  17. Pathways
    by Buried For A Day
  18. That's Love
    by Oddisee
    What a revitalizing hip-hop track, this is what rap should be poetry. Not nonsensical thoughts but pictures painted with words and this is that.