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Nemo Halperin

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  2. Electronic
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  1. Mass Appeal (I-Cue Remix)
    by Gangstarr
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Metronom
    by FloFilz
  3. The Pale Queen
    by Rhi
  4. Holding On To A Dream
    by sir Was
  5. Rewoana / Ya Maje
    by The Bombillas
  6. Soul Music for the Soulless
    7 Year Theory (Model 6.0) 7 Year Theory (Model 6.0)
    Following on from 'Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit' there's no slowing the lyrical momentum of this emcee on dope flow steroids! The worldview coming from his mouth speaks to me as much as Chuck D, KRS1, Black Thought or Mos Def. Yeah, the beats are still lo tech but they provide an ideal canvass on which Alaska can paint his revelatory imagery.
  7. For The Many EP
    by Cobby & Litten
    For The Many - dub For The Many - dub
    How a society treats its most vulnerable is always the measure of its humanity. Keep hope and love and basic decency alive...
  8. Listeners
    by Scrimshire
    The Socials (feat. Soothsayers) The Socials (feat. Soothsayers)
    Very impressed and moved by the scale and depth of this release. Not something you can summarise in a few words but I can confidently say that it is DOPE!
  9. Stay On Your Mind
    by MIYNT
    Peaches Peaches
    After hearing the first 3 tracks its’ clear this LP is every bit as moving and immersive as Ep no 1. Miynt have that rare genre transcending quality that keeps me coming back to this beautiful aura they generate. They take risks that feel natural once heard and dreamy all at the same time. Looking forward to 2nd August now!
  10. Give Over (...You Should Know Better)
    by Kingbastard
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Won't Suffer / Miles Says
    by Resonators
  12. Something Special
    by Resonators
  13. Live At Electric
    by Resonators
  14. Bleeds (Deluxe Version)
    by Roots Manuva
    Facety 2:11 Facety 2:11
  15. Run Come Save Me
    by Roots Manuva
    Join The Dots (feat. Charli 2na) Join The Dots (feat. Charli 2na)
    What can I say about this that hasn't been said before?!
  16. Cantos Campesinos (Hector Plimmer Remix)
    by Isaac Sasson
  17. Lazers E.P.
    by 12Tree
  18. Dumpster Truck
    by Desert Sound Colony & Baby Rollen
  19. Grizzly
    by Zygote feat. The Sundragon & Jazz T
    Grizzly Grizzly
    One of the hardest hitting raw beats ever created. Add in Sundragon's relentless lambasting with the delivery. Pure classic.
  20. Drastic Measures
    by Bayonne
    Drastic Measures Drastic Measures
    Some albums grab you immediately, others creep up on you, fusing imperceptibly with your emotions... This album is easily one of the best of 2019 so far. Displaying depth and nuance and fearless lyrics. Wrapped in a collection of beautifully arranged tracks with a strong electronic warmth. Give this one enough time to get to you.
  21. Dripping Light
    by Anne Suu x B-Side
  22. Melatonin
    by Flitz&Suppe x SlimAgenda
  23. Daydreaming
    by Kid Abstrakt & The Deli
  24. Black Star & Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted & Black
    by Amerigo Gazaway
  25. Meghalaya EP
    by Tiana Khasi
    Nuketown Nuketown
    Pain creates great art when the voice expressing it is this sweet. This EP takes melodic revenge to ever more highly finessed standards. Including the surprisingly cathartic couplet on the sarcastically entitled Georgia’s Track: “Who the fuck is Georgia? Baby loving you is like real life torture”. Classic! Lyrical and poetic and soothing.
  26. Shades of Blue
    by Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet
  27. THE FUNKEES - Point Of No Return - Afro Funk Music (1975) 2018
    by The Funkees
  28. The First Phase
    by Troubleman
    The First Phase The First Phase
    Pure uncut classic dopeness.
  29. Time Out Of Mind
    by Troubleman
  30. Strike Hard
    by Troubleman
  31. Messenger/The Essence
    by Troubleman
  32. Superman (Street)
    by Boot Records
    Bionic is mesmerising with Jazz T and Zygote's heavy production. Boot knocks it out of the park again!
  33. Jehan - Don't Feed The Gators (Bonus Track)
    by Jehan
    Nice upbeat disco slash house interpolation of Funky Nassau.
  34. Salva Tion
    by Kapote
  35. Judge Not (Ray Mang Mixes)
    by Phenomenal Handclap Band
  36. Tata fatiguée
    by Vaudou Game
  37. Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix Vol​. ​2
    by Galletas Calientes Records
  38. Togo Soul 70 Edits & Rarities
    by Hot Casa Records
  39. Bulawayo // Harare
    by Bulawayo Kwela and Albert Nyathi, Elliott Phiri, David Tapfuma & Esa
  40. Media Social (Single)
    by The HUE
    Love the deep resonance of this track. From the heavy vibrating snap of the beat to the super tight delivery and commentary to the sweet vocals interlaced with the whole. This is classic material.
  41. Invisible Threads
    by Elsa Hewitt
  42. Hot Piroski Sampler Vol 1
    by 12Tree
  43. Mardy Venus (Album)
    by 12Tree
    This album is so slept on. I found a promo in the basement of record and tape exchange in Berwick St many years ago and wondered why this artist wasn't better known. A downtempo classic infused with warm pulsing basslines and inventive compositions throughout.
  44. ATCQ - Once Again (Dj XS Sugar Coated Rework)
    by Dj XS
    I love when a rework totally reimagines the feel of a track and reframes the lyrics in a fresh way. Nicely done!
  45. The Onrush Of Eternity
    by log(m) & Laraaji