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  1. Angel
    by French 79
    Caress Caress
  2. Olympic
    by French 79
    Between The Buttons Between The Buttons
  3. Doum EP
    by Cosmic & Damião
    Doum (Original Mix) Doum (Original Mix)
  4. Two Thousand And Seventeen
    by Four Tet
    This is astounding in it's infectious simplicity and beautiful harmonics. Can't get it out of my head in the best way possible.
  5. Royal Blue 3000
    by Ladi6
    Royal blue Royal blue
    Assured and consistent. Pushing lyrical and atmospheric boundaries higher with this release. I'm loving the expansive beautiful journey that is Royal Blue.
  6. Human
    by Turtle
    Calculate Calculate
    Unmissable, essential, beautiful. Taking my time to absorb it's many varied nuances...
  7. Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit
    The Kids Are Alright The Kids Are Alright
    Originally original! Alaska is pioneering therapy rap here... Deep deep lyrics and flow. Meanwhile the beats are lo-fi but so resonant they will shake the boot off your car or wreck your bass bins. Check-this-out.
  8. Love in Beats
    by Omar
    Doobie Doobie Doo Doobie Doobie Doo
    So many classic yet modern elements all magnified by his incredibly evocative inimitable vocal style. Always a treat when this man releases something new.
  9. A Raw Excursion
    by Souleance
    A Little More (Souleance 'C'est La Fete' Edit) A Little More (Souleance 'C'est La Fete' Edit)
    Loving these very creative edits.
  10. Imaginary People
    by Resonators
    Papa Daddio Papa Daddio
    Another excellent Resonators album! It makes you wonder how it's possible to create such lovely tunes so consistently but... they do, they do, they do!
  11. Braindrain
    by Sun Parade
    If you don't like this track you must need your head examined!
  12. Tokoliana / L.O.V.E.
    by KOKOKO!
    Tokoliana Tokoliana
  13. SAHARA ALL STAR BAND JOS - Sahara All Stars Of Jos LP​/​CD (1976) 2016
    by Sahara All Stars Band Jos
    World People World People
    This reissue is immense! Apparently lifted from a slightly damaged master tape or vinyl? The quality of the sound and mastering is wonderful. I've already bought Take Your Soul and Alikali Adajo on former Afrobeat compilations, but the first two tracks are simply amazing. Tight and hypnotically beautiful.
  14. Ayo Ayo Nene
    by Mor Thiam
  15. Alteleyeshegnem
    by Alemayehu Eshete
    Alteleyeshegnem Alteleyeshegnem
    A brooding glowering beast of a head nodder. Echoing off into the universe!
  16. Kenya Special : Volume Two
    by Various Artists
    I Can Feel It I Can Feel It
  17. Self Titled
    by Natural Sounds Trio
    Memphis Two-Step Memphis Two-Step
    Don't sleep on this dope jazz funk trio. These guys deserve all the plaudits they get.
  18. Player Piano
    by Borka
    The Prize (ft. N'toko) The Prize (ft. N'toko)
    Worth checking for The Prize.
  19. Disconnect Yourself / Hollywood Dreamz
    by Body In The Thames
    Disconnect Yourself (radio edit) Disconnect Yourself (radio edit)
    Not many songs capture the essence of an era. Perfectly judged lyrics steeped in irony with a hypnotic pulsing electronic soul. Essential.
  20. Ep. no 1
    by MIYNT
    The Strangest Game The Strangest Game
    Love the melancholy bittersweet playfulness of Strangest Game. A strong distinctive EP full of sweet touches and lyrically rewarding.
  21. Magdy El Hossainy 'Music de Carnaval'
    by pépite
    Music de Carnaval Music de Carnaval
    Vintage Egyptian jazz funk with an electrifying turn on the keys.
  22. They Say I'm Different
    by Betty Davis
    Shoo-B-Doop and Cop Him Shoo-B-Doop and Cop Him
    One of the true originals. Pure uncut creative crack.
  23. Order of Nothingness / Tropical Eel
    by Jimi Tenor
    Tropical Eel Tropical Eel
    Another magnificent afro jazz release from the excellent Jimi Tenor.
  24. RECORD STORE DAY 2016: Backroom (Erobique Remix)
    by Marlow
    B – Backroom feat. Pete Josef (Marlow’s & Barck’s Super Disco Dub) B – Backroom feat. Pete Josef (Marlow’s & Barck’s Super Disco Dub)
    Disco-licious funkiness with the ultra smooth vocal stylings of Pete Josef. Both mixes are strong.
  25. Colour EP
    by Pete Josef
    Colour Colour
    A delightful EP full of soothing and inspiring lyrics, perfectly balanced arrangements and full of spirit.
  26. Aurora (Deluxe Version)
    by The Hue
    Magic City Magic City
    Creative hip hop at its' very best. Proof that conscious hip hop will always be alive and well as long as true artists follow their vision.
  27. "Aw' Ye Douba Ke (45 Edit)" b/w "A Son Magni (Voodoocuts Re-Edit)"
    by Cissé Abdoulaye
    A Son Magni (Voodoocuts Re-Edit) A Son Magni (Voodoocuts Re-Edit)
    Infectious and beautiful track full of sweet melody and an absolutely killer rhythm. Dancefloor crack.
  28. Tartare
    by Souleance
    New York New York
    Another great Souleance EP. Full of diverse tracks as usual. I love the menacing John Carpenter soundtrack overtones on New York.
  29. On te l'avait dit
    by Voilaaa
    Bark Bark
    An Afro disco classic. The LP surpasses the excellent single in so many ways. One of Patchworks best and one of the best of 2015 so far.
  30. Good is Good
    by Vula Viel
    Lobi Lobi
    Whatever you do; do not miss an opportunity to see Vula Viel live. They bring a warm energy with them that elevates their compositions in a live setting to an entirely different level, bringing a loving, invigorating and spiritual vibe to the performance. A fresh new twist on Afro jazz from the heart.
  31. Yes Yaa Yaa EP
    by Vula Viel
    Yes Yaa Yaa (Son of Mothra Remix) Yes Yaa Yaa (Son of Mothra Remix)
    Essential release! The original is a beautiful track And the Son of Mothra remix is a revelation!
  32. Steve Cobby presents Chieftain
    by Chieftain
    Til Everyman Is Free Til Everyman Is Free
    Til Everyman Is Free is an absolute dream of a track. What more could you possibly want???!
  33. This Love
    by Kadhja Bonet
    A class act with such a beautiful voice.
  34. Remember the Rain
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Haunting and beautiful with the voice of an angel.
  35. I Think I'm Falling In Love
    by Leroy Hutson
    I Think I'm Falling In Love I Think I'm Falling In Love
    What a voice! What beautiful lyrics! What a classic…
  36. Good Morning Peckham
    by Henry Wu
    Good Morning Pecknaam Good Morning Pecknaam
  37. Len Leise Edits (LL001)
    by Len Leise
    Stars for Jorge Stars for Jorge
  38. East New York Stories
    by Carlitos Hernandez
    Bank Beat (vocal) Bank Beat (vocal)
    A catchy little number!
  39. To Dust
    by Alice Russell
    Citizens Citizens
    Alice always delivers the goods. The lyrics and emotion of this album cut through to the soul.
  40. Oh, Loretta!
    by Sex on Toast
    Oh, Loretta! Oh, Loretta!
    Imagine a tongue in cheek homage to Steely Dan... You're there already! This is silly but seriously good.
  41. Fela Soul [Deluxe Edition] (Prod. Amerigo Gazaway)
    by Fela Soul
    Still Ego Trippin' (Bonus Track) Still Ego Trippin' (Bonus Track)
    Somehow this remaster is, yes, even better than the original classic and ultimate Fe-La De-La mash. Although, to call it a mash is a gross misdirection. This is a series of professional reimaginings that breathe new life into the lyrics and samples used that elevate both into a set of compelling new creations.
  42. Fela Soul: Instrumentals (Prod. Amerigo Gazaway)
    by Fela Soul
    Feel Good Inc. (Instrumental) Feel Good Inc. (Instrumental)
    Instrumental dopeness!
  43. Among Climetree Harbors
    by The Marx Trukker
    I'm not sure how to describe this, but I like it! Mesmeric and free flowing.
    My Way Home My Way Home
    Classic yet modern at the same time. Beautifully done.
  45. Mandala
    by Skinshape
    A quality release! Crisp beats infused with lush laid back soulful vibes. Feeling this bigtime...