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  1. Pure Fast Vibration
    by Cosmo Topper
  2. Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves
    by Saturna & Electric Monolith
  3. Levitating
    by Holy Witch
    Ripper Ripper
    The BEST in RETRO Doom/Stoner/ Psych right here people!!! This is one of the great Retro doom albums I've heard yet!! This band is incredible. GREAT vocals, great songs, great playing. I truly love this band and I will wait patiently for the physical product. Good luck Holy Witch!!! NB
  4. A Little More
  5. No Words - Instrumental Music (Volume 1)
    by Tosh Flood
  6. Hydra - Live Session
    by Hydra
    This is a live release of the "From Light To The Abyss" album Hydra released in 2019 PLUS one more song. They are brand spankin' new and are the best Retro- Doom band out there right now. This live reading is better than the studio in my reflection on the merit of that great album. I just like it better...a lot better. Hydra have an incredible future ahead of them. The singer is absolutely incredible, the songs & guitar tones kill. Congrats Hydra !!!
  7. 333
    by Wicca333
  8. Black Witch
    by Wicca333
  9. The 7 Wonders
    by Wicca333
  10. 13 Women
    by Wicca333
  11. Lies & Secrets
    by KING WEED
  12. Sanctuary
    by KING WEED
  13. Let It Burn
    by KING WEED
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  14. Golden Tower
    by Surya
  15. Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration
    by Various Artists
  16. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
  17. Earthly Things
    by Custom Black
  18. Evil Queen
    by Custom Black
  19. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
    Cold Machine Cold Machine
    So, this record does everything I want it to do. They layered the guitars to get that one special tone:70's hard rock/doom metal with a bikers mentality.The fuzz and the power support who I think is a great lead singer. It's rare to get both. Now press vinyl G*d*mn it. We need these riffs on effed up splatter wax! NB. P.S. Is that a human heart the model on the cover has in her know what....nevermind.
  20. Back of Your Mind
    by The Asteroid No.4