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  1. Circe
    by Georg Holm, Orri Páll Dýrason, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, & Kjartan Holm
  2. Papetura Soundtrack
    by Floex
    Pape And Tura Pape And Tura
    Another very original album from this composer. The colors, the atmosphere, just beautiful work with its own voice.
  3. Tubular Bells by TUBULAR WORLD (featuring Rob Reed)
    by robert reed
  4. Impulse Voices
    by Plini
  5. Valley of shadows
    by Stvannyr
  6. Secrets of the runes
    by Stvannyr
  7. Into The Woods of Oblivion (Acoustic EP)
    by Stvannyr
  8. The monastery of misery
    by Stvannyr
  9. Threnody of wind (single)
    by Stvannyr
  10. Masters Of Illusion : The Instrumentals
    by Magenta
  11. Cursus
    by robert reed
  12. Chi Mai E.P.
    by robert reed
  13. Eye Level / Ommadawn 45 EP
    by robert reed
  14. Cursus : A Symphonic Poem
    by robert reed
  15. birds / surfers
    by Plini
  16. Possible (live) at King's Place
    by Zoe Keating
  17. F R E E F A L L - a collection of dark demos
    by Lee Wrathe
  18. Tubular Bells - A Minor Tune (with Les Penning and Tom Newman)
    by robert reed
  19. Mercuria
    by Derek Dallenger
  20. The Early Sessions - 2004 (Solo Acoustic)
    by Ray Montford