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  1. Bortom E4's Horrisont
    by Karl Lindh
  2. Night
    by SW.
  3. Holy Tongue
    by Holy Tongue
  4. An Uncaught Bird
    by Køs
  5. The Neptune Collection
    by The Entourage Music & Theater Ensemble
  6. Natal Uranus, il corpo sotto la sabbia / Birthdays
    by Sea Urchin and Aki Goto's Shirotento Orchestra
  7. stone butch anthems
    by gayphextwin
  8. Bought The Farm (OUEST095)
    by Mister Water Wet
  9. Palm
    by Kukangendai
  10. Osmos (Movements)
    by New World Science
  11. First Appearance
    by G.S. Schray
  12. Amazonia
    by Finis Africae
  13. Stealth
    by Takao
  14. Synthetic Space
    by Echium
  15. Beats For Raaaps_V.1
    by Beautiful Disco
  16. Middle of the Road Less Travelled
    by HOVE
  17. in human terms
    by ditto
  18. Chat (OUEST097)
    by Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus
  19. 001 [Antenna]
    by Diptera
  20. AI-07: The Kallikatsou Recordings
    by The Chi Factory