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  1. Redemption
    by Zack Brannon
  2. The Zenith Rise
    by I Built The Sky
    The Zenith Rise The Zenith Rise
    This album is the work of a master at the peak of his craft.

  3. Shadowplay
    by Theo Young
  4. Los Angeles 2019
    by Shredder 1984
  5. My Room Becomes the Sea
    by sleepy fish
  6. Chillhop daydreams 2
    by Chillhop Music
    Space Cadet Space Cadet
  7. Create. Affect. Repeat.
    by Divinex
    Immortalize Immortalize
  8. Chillhop Essentials Fall 2019
    by Chillhop Music
    Schoolgrounds Schoolgrounds
  9. Sunday Lines
    by Moray Pringle
    The Chaser The Chaser
  10. Statera (BC Deluxe Edition)
    by Husa Toledo
    Equality Equality
  11. Alia Terra
    by earth7
    Waterfall Waterfall
    The Rivals Shawl The Rivals Shawl
  13. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h
    Building a Better World Building a Better World
  14. Illuminate
    by Anup Sastry
    Story Of Us (Instrumental) Story Of Us (Instrumental)
  15. Chillhop Essentials Summer 2019
    by Chillhop Music
  16. Mind Garden
    by leavv
  17. Koi Pond
    by Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns
  18. Texture Maps
    by Steve Roach
  19. FutureSounds Volume 3
    by Various Artists
    IVERSEN - Spit IVERSEN - Spit
  20. Fahrenheit
    by Sung
    Ignition Ignition
    Sung does it again, delivering an album bristling with energy and momentum. You won't find a single weak track here, this album is representative of the best the synthwave genre has to offer.
  21. Collider EP
    by Sung
    Paris Gotham Paris Gotham
  22. Auto Ran EP
    by Sung
  23. Rework
    by Sung
  24. Afterlight
    by Steve Roach
  25. City of Glass • Sky of White
    by Absent Hearts
  26. Chillhop Essentials - Spring 2019
    by Chillhop Records
    I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing
  27. Chillhop Essentials - Winter 2018
    by Chillhop Records
  28. Let Yourself Be Huge
    by Cloudkicker
  29. Beacons
    by Cloudkicker
    by Cloudkicker
  31. Flux
    by nyu.
    Coast Coast
    Really dig the vibe of this whole album. I need more music like this in my life.
  32. Old Hours
    by delayde
  33. The mankind in cryosleep
    by musicformessier & Insomnia project
    Leaving Earth Leaving Earth
  34. Celestial
    by I Built The Sky
  35. Mercurius
    by Steve Roach
  36. Brazil
    by Monma, Misha & Jussi Halme
  37. Control
    by Sleepy Sun
  38. Origami
    by The Surrealist
  39. Lux
    by The Surrealist
  40. Mira
    by The Surrealist
  41. Echo End
    by The Surrealist
  42. From the Gallery of Sleep
    by Night Verses
    No. 0 No. 0
  43. Illuminate
    by Harvs
    Temptation Temptation
  44. Night Drive
    by Timecop1983
    Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers) Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers)
  45. Lovers EP - PART II
    by Timecop1983