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  1. Nothing Is Something
    by Carly Paradis
  2. Omega
    by Arcane
  3. Mechanismo
    by The Metamorph
    Remote Viewer (for John Leigh) Remote Viewer (for John Leigh)
    A genuinely intriguing collection of textures and minimal beats interfused with treated dialogue. Hugely relaxing, invokes dimensional thinking and sounds best with moving coloured lights and on headphones. Great work.
  4. Branches
    by mg&mw
    Repeater Repeater
    A transcendental mix of prog, electronica and that certain "MW" thing. Variation of mood, tempo and style combined with originality and genuine craftsmanship will always be a winner for me, listened once, bought immediately after.
  5. Inbetween
    by Db and Ishq
  6. Waveforms
    by Liam J Boyle
  7. Howl
    by John Foxx And The Maths
    Howl Howl
    Yet another release from JF that reminds me why I've been following his music for 40 plus years. The chemistry between JF and the indomitable Benge shows no sign of abating and the inclusion of Robin Simon, for me, brings everything full circle to the seminal "Systems of Romance". Fantastic stuff.
  8. Reality Engine (DiN62)
    by Dave Bessell
    The Silver Thread The Silver Thread
    Another really good listening album from DB, full of motion, texture, emotion and variation.

    And while we're here, the liner notes are basically fab - I love quirky and they are quirky in droves.
  9. The Lockdown Sessions
    by Andrew Ward aka ARPQuadra
    Super-spreader Super-spreader
    Another winner from Andrew. Buy it and see why.
  10. FORMS 9 - Transformation Machine
    by Benge
    Dream Dream
    I cannot get enough of this type of stuff and Benge does it so well. I feel like growing a dodgy beard, wearing a Fair Isle sweater and reading an Open University book on quantum molecular filibustering.

    Sleeve notes are an utter delight as well :-D
  11. Thirteen Systems
    by Benge
    1971-Buchla 200 1971-Buchla 200
    Loved "Twenty Systems" and this is more of the same but in modular form.

    I had the pleasure of visiting and photographing Benge's old studio in London a few years back and "met" some of the synths on this album. It's a genuinely great exploration of different modular sound systems and a more than worthy successor to "Twenty Systems.

    "Favourite track? I closed my eyes and clicked.
  12. Field Effect Studies
    by Benge
    Sequoia Sequoia
    Love the FORMS series and this is presently my favourite. Moog and Benge - never gonna go wrong.

    Just buy it, it's great.
  13. Twenty Systems
    by Benge
  14. First Breaths Of Mourning EP
    by Andrew Ward aka ARPQuadra
    Walking Towards The Light Walking Towards The Light
    A genuinely fabulous and, it would seem, well over-due debut release from ARPQuadra. Some wonderful textures and arrangements, beautiful tone and smooth production. Look forward to the next release :-)
  15. Moonhill
    by Martin Walker
  16. All Steamed Up
    by mg&mw
  17. The Greenwood
    by Martin Walker
    The Green Man The Green Man
    I actually want to stop listening to this album, I fear Martin has imbued some kind of sonic magic into the glorious textures and tones of the music.

    And hammered dulcimers are officially cool!!!
  18. Ancient Seas
    by Martin Walker
  19. Secret Trees
    by Martin Walker
  20. Liquid Geometries (DiN57)
    by Bluetech