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    by Children On Stun
  2. Live Upon A Blackstar
    by Celldweller
  3. Micro-Phonies
    by Cabaret Voltaire
  4. GOATopia
    by The Devil & The Universe
    Echotopia Echotopia
    Fucking excellent, *again* - start to finish. I expected no less. <3 #takemetothechurch
  5. Satellites (Remixed)
    by Celldweller
    A Matter of Time (Inexedra Remix) A Matter of Time (Inexedra Remix)
    KILLER remix of an already fucking deadly song...been waiting for this remix album forever, and while nothing and no one will ever even come close to Klayton's original tracks...this remix alone was *so* worth the price of this album. #supporttheartists #supporttheunderground. <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  6. Likeness of the Offender
    by Dague de Marbre
    Each Ring that Devours Us Each Ring that Devours Us
    My absolute obsession of 2023 - so, so, sooooo good. <3 I'll keep spreading the word - this guy deserves *all* the praise you have to spare. Original, unique, excellent craftsmanship in every which way...and oh so haunting, intense and simply super, super special. It's been a very long time that any artist has wow-ed me *this* much... <3
  7. distorted disco
    by asche
  8. Photophobia & Lipstickphilia
  9. Firewake
    by Zeal and Ardor
  10. Zeal & Ardor
    by Zeal and Ardor
  11. Projections - I
    by Dague de Marbre
  12. Orphans Of The Black Sun
    by Mütterlein
  13. Zola-Zemlya
    by Morwan
  14. Bionic Chrysalis
  15. Ritual Virtuality (LP)
    by SNTHSTR
  16. La Nuit
    by Moon Goose
  17. Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Un4Get Remix)
    by Un4Get
  18. The Last Feast Of The Wolves: Chapter Two
    by Un4Get
  19. Crookers - Get Excited (feat. STS)(Un4Get Remix)
    by Un4Get
  20. Naoke - Megapolis (Un4Get ReVision)
    by Un4Get