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  1. Tempest
    by Where Deprivation Lies
  2. Arrogance of Supreme Power
    by Godless Truth
  3. Foreverglade
    by Worm
  4. Gloire Éternelle
    by First Fragment
  5. Searching for Clarity
    by Existem
  6. Inside The Apelike
    by Infiltrated Mankind
  7. Enigmatic Existential Essence
    by MESHUM
  8. The Hellenic Terror
    by KRONOS
  9. 'The Elysian Void' (2021)
    by Anakim
  10. Astraios' Calling
    by Arcane Sanctuary
  11. The Consumed Self
    by Burial In The Sky
  12. Ominous Flesh Discipline
    by Cerebral Effusion
  13. Ashes of Dead Worlds
  14. Enigmatic Existential Essence
    by MESHUM
  15. Dispersed | Where Silence Reigns
    by New Standard Elite
  16. Avignam Jagat Samagram
    by Vox Mortis
  17. Embrace the Hexagon Sun
    by Constant Torment
  18. Rotting Sanctum
    by A Pretext To Human Suffering
  19. Unbirth | Fleshforged Columns Of Deceit
    by New Standard Elite
  20. Coagulative Matter (Technical Death Metal)
    by THE SCALAR PROCESS (France)