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  1. Bae 5
    by YUNG BAE
  2. 1998 City EP
    by Vantage
  3. Late Night Delight
    by LE//SP
  4. Volume 128
    by Silver Richards
  5. A Million Miles Away
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
  6. Half Awake EP
    by TOPAZ
  7. Metro City (Collector Edition)
    by Vantage
  8. Hit Nuts
  9. Phrases EP
    by TOPAZ
  10. The Friendly Sound EP
    by Lemaitre
  11. Timeless
    by Desired
  12. BAE 2
    by YUNG BAE
  13. Digital Daybreak
    by VANTAGE
  14. Hiroshi Satoh 佐藤博 - Shiny Lady (Vantage// Edit)
    by VANTAGE
  15. Mariya Takeuchi 竹内まりや - Shiawase no Monosashi (VANTAGE// Edit)
    by VANTAGE
  16. Metro City
    by Vantage
  17. ナイトライフ
    by VANTAGE
  18. 「ƒƒ∆」
    by VANTAGE
  19. リザフランク420(Vantage// Outrun Mix)
    by VANTAGE
  20. 『DeepLyricsInside』
    by VANTAGE
  21. Taeko Onuki 大貫妙子 - 4AM (Vantage// Edit)
    by VANTAGE
  22. Dat Boi
    by VANTAGE
  23. Cyberfunk
    by VANTAGE
  24. Falling Into Place
    by HOME
  25. Palm Mall
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  26. Advanced Memory Suite
    by FM Skyline
  27. [ g h o s t // c i t y ]
    by synchro//start
  28. ☆GROOVEZ☆
    by DUCAT
  29. Virtual Loneliness
    by ll nøthing ll
  30. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Tides Tides
  31. To you baby, with love
  32. Palm Mall
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    Endless 通路 (with CVLTVRE) Endless 通路 (with CVLTVRE)
  33. Aloha Island
    by VANTAGE
    Aloha (feat. PHAUN) Aloha (feat. PHAUN)
  34. Japanese Disco Edits
    by Yung Bae
  35. Flamingo Funk Volume 1
    by Various
    <3 The tracks :)
  36. Moonrise
    by Night Tempo
  37. Road Trip
    by AnTgry
    Rainbow Road (ft. VANTAGE //) Rainbow Road (ft. VANTAGE //)
    I listened to this when i was in Maledives, it still brings back the memories :)
    by Echo Beach
  40. Vapor Jams "The Mixtape" vol.2: "Night of The Goblin's Wallow"
    by Echo Beach
  41. Media Rot
    by Nostalgic Depression
  42. Enjoy...
    by Azuresands大麻
  43. C O N T A M I N A T I O N
    by Azuresands大麻
  44. CHIMES
    by b l u e s c r e e n
  45. 豊かな隔離
    by ll nøthing ll