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  1. The Skull
    by Trouble
  2. World Shaker
    by ASOMVEL
  3. Culture Shock
    by Four Walls Falling
  4. Die Healing
    by Saint Vitus
  5. Black Night
    by Iron Man
  6. The Passage
    by Iron Man
    Singer and production are better on this release than Black Knight. Singer kinda has a Dio thing goin on. the music is good, a very enjoyable album
  7. out of the womb
    by the dayglo abortions
  8. C.O.D.
    by Saint Vitus
  9. Jug Fulla Sun
    by Spirit Caravan
  10. Burner
    by Breadwinner
  11. Slaughterhouse
    by Stinking Lizaveta
  12. Hopelessness and Shame
    by Stinking Lizaveta
  13. Caravan Beyond Redemption
    by Cathedral
    On this album Cathedral succeeded where countless doom stoner bands have failed in coming closer than damn near anyone in capturing the essence of Black Sabbath with going in ma y directions within a song, bass not just following the riff, crash heavy drumming,and quite diverse songs while still being a cohesive piece of music very enjoyable
  14. antidisestablishmentarianismesque
  15. Instrumentally Retarded
    by King Sour
  16. Existence
    by Black Plague

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  1. Existence
    by Black Plague