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  1. Silent Unspeakable
    by beartrade
  2. Then You Can You Tell Me c/w Gasoline 7" 1/2 price til 6th May
    by Pama International
  3. The Humanity Show
    by Culture Shock
  4. Twilight City
  5. Mandemic
    by Culture Shock [ska-punk UK]
  6. The Wages Of Fear
    by Tellison
  7. Perkie & The Co-operators - Concrete, Steel & Stone 7"
    by Happy People Records
    still waiting on this to be mailed out, I did send a message last week but haven't had a response yet
  8. Beginnings
    by The JB Conspiracy
  9. Axiom
    by Harker
  10. Dreamer's Gait EP
    by Wrong Life
  11. Bad Year
    by Dave Mackinder
  12. Ruiner
    by A Wilhelm Scream
  13. Mute Print
    by A Wilhelm Scream
  14. Live at Punk Rock Raduno
    by The Creeps
  15. Dead or Alive // So Useless
    by Gender Roles
  16. All Quiet On The Western Front..
    by Autonomads
  17. Alive In Chicago
    by you, me, and everyone we know
  18. Good Friends, Bad Luck
    by The Run Up
  19. The Better Parts Of You
    by Bad Ideas
  20. Beneath the Pines
    by The Creeps