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  1. Away
    by Rachel Flowers
  2. Isswat
    by Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud
  3. Going Somewhere
    by Rachel Flowers
  4. Wishful Lotus Proof
    by Jakub Zytecki
  5. Bigger on the Inside
    by Rachel Flowers
  6. Listen
    by Rachel Flowers
  7. A B
    by Rachel Flowers
  8. mellotronsoul
    by mellotronsoul
  9. at Button Factory Stage, Portsmouth (2019)
  10. transformation
    by Haisuinonasa
    the city which is not appear in a map the city which is not appear in a map
  11. ECO
    by David Maxim Micic
  12. Half Life (EP)
    by IZZ
  13. Telltale Signs
    by Sobs
    Astronomy Astronomy
  14. LUN
    by Destiny Potato
    Lost Dream Lost Dream
    Having a love for progressive and pop, and lately warming up to metal, it's proving difficult to find other bands who so successfully bring all these together. Can't wait for the new album (and really hope that old one comes out some day)!
  15. Château lugubre
    by Rattenkonig
  16. Blind,Obsessed with the moon
    by Rattenkonig
  17. Issawat
    by Idassane Wallet Mohamed
    Amarhine Amarhine

    Who could not love this,
    Both fun and gorgeous?
  18. Absentee
    by song of the dark guitar
    Took some time to grow on me. Great listening on repeat while studying. This music is very pure; that's my main impression.
    Really hope to hear more!
  19. Hyper Elliptic
    by Math Patrol
    Seriously creative, brilliant, and well-written. Not afraid to try some funny stuff, but never directionless.
  20. Every Moment
    by Above The Earth
    Paradise Paradise
    Not even usually a metal fan, but I love this album and its contrast between Aleksandra's beautiful, clear voice and Arsafe's awesomely heavy instruments.