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  1. Everyday (Is Halloween) - The Lost Mixes
    by Ministry
    by Keith LeBlanc
  3. Static EP
    by Retfoniq
  4. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  5. The Binding Of Isaac - Repentance: OST
    by Ridiculon
    Absentia (Ashpit) Absentia (Ashpit)
    by SCATTLE
  7. Move (Original Mix)
    by Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, 1000 Homo DJs, PTP, Acid Horse
  8. Tunes From The Vault
    by Keith LeBlanc
    Invisible Instrumental Invisible Instrumental
    A few of these I'd already heard (Dreamworld Dub, Mechanical Movements Dub (though this version is edited!), Remote Control Dub), but the rest is completely new to me. Looking forward to more unreleased content albums!
  9. Super Meat Boy Forever: OST
    by Ridiculon
    Tenuous - Tetanus City Light World Tenuous - Tetanus City Light World
  10. Major Malfuction
    by Keith LeBlanc
    Bonus Track Mad Years Bonus Track Mad Years
    Mad Years!! I've been looking all over for this track, thank you Keith!
  11. Stop The Confusion (Global Interference)
    by Keith LeBlanc
    Tack Unit Tack Unit
    Tack Unit: masterful blending of numerous Fats Comet/Tackhead tracks and versions of them. Plenty of other wonderful, obscure tracks on this compilation as well
  12. AUDIUM
    by Keith LeBlanc
    Point Blanc Point Blanc
    Part of the album seems to be absent, but the missing part is mostly tracks by other artists Keith didn't actually play on... and I came here for Keith's stuff anyway! (Though The King is curiously also missing)
  13. Excursion
    by Morusque
  14. Konztell
    by Morusque
  15. Tetrobot and Co.
    by Morusque
  16. Exodus
    by Morusque
  17. Blocks that matter
    by Morusque
  18. Scavenger
    by SCATTLE
  19. Electric
    by SCATTLE
  20. Sketch
    by SCATTLE