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Nazneen Rahman

  1. London, UK
  2. Jazz
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  1. furnace hill
    by orlando
    love is a river love is a river
    Hilary James and John Stuart who are Orlando write songs that seep into your soul. Irresistible.
  2. Finding Time
    by Ten Million Sounds
    Soft Touch Soft Touch
    Wonderful album and concept. It has both an easy-going laid back vibe, but also a rhythmic tension that keeps one drawn in.
  3. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
    Landfill Landfill
    The vocal is just so heart-piercingly perfect.
  4. Paraesthesia
    by Signals.
    Joyous track. Winningly complex amalgam of styles kept me hooked. I looove the change of tempo at 1.45.
  5. Can't Clip My Wings
    by Nazneen Rahman
    Lost Cause Lost Cause
    These songs are snapshots of life's complexities, sometimes wistful, sometimes melancholic, always heartfelt.
  6. Blackened Cities
    by Melanie De Biasio
    Blackened Cities Blackened Cities
    A hauntingly immersive album. I had the privilege of hearing it live - not to be missed, if you get the chance.