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  1. Heard It Through The Grapevine (Cover)
    by King Sloth
  2. Wild Side [BEASTARS Main Theme]
    by DiscoCactus
  3. EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX
    by Materia Community
  4. EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games
    by Materia Collective
  5. Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Fredrik Häthén
  6. MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes
    by Materia Community
  7. FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask
    by Materia Community
  8. OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears
    by Materia Community
  9. C-Wars (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by tenfour
  10. FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute
    by Materia Community
  11. SPIRIT
    by Multiplayer Charity
  12. SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Zanarkand Mix
    by Materia Community
    (Cyber-)Assault (on MechaSin) (Cyber-)Assault (on MechaSin)
    It was so difficult to pick a favourite on this album; it will fluctuate from day to day but right now it's this wonderful and flawless synth version of Assault. Very close behind is Out of the Frying Pan by John Robert Matz and maybe Punder Plains by Jeff Brenneman.
  13. SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Besaid Mix
    by Materia Community
    Echoes of the Ronso Echoes of the Ronso
    This is such a beautiful and tragic track and I had the pleasure to sing bass Ronso on this; a delight to record and listen to. Great work!
  14. The Banner Saga 2
    by Austin Wintory
  15. The Banner Saga
    by Austin Wintory
  16. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
  17. flOw
    by Austin Wintory
  18. ABZÛ
    by Austin Wintory
  19. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    by Austin Wintory
  20. Sunset
    by Various Artists