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  1. One or the Whole
    by Dog and the Universe of Swine Dirt
  2. The finest of miracles
    by Ciccada
  3. Replacements
    by Hibernal
  4. The Machine
    by Hibernal
  5. After the Winter
    by Hibernal
  6. Helios Rider
    by Steam Theory
  7. The Madrean
    by Whale Fall
    The Dawn Thief The Dawn Thief
    This entire album has a real southwest, western feel to it. The brass truly compliments the often haunting guitar melodies. This song in particular, not only being the first track, ended up being, in my opinion, the best.
  8. Ashes For The Monarch
    by Glacier
    One Man Alone One Man Alone
    From the first harmonic notes on through the entire piece i was held captive. I kept asking myself, "Have I heard this before?". It was not till after listening to the track did I read the description, and my observations were confirmed. Well done guys!
  9. Blue Suburbia
    by Traffic Experiment
    Ghosts & Shadows Ghosts & Shadows
    The intro with the simple acoustic guitar and haunting background tone lead me right into the fitting lyrics. The change in tempo around the midpoint of the song was very refreshing.
  10. Asunder
    by Steam Theory
    Saga Saga
    True to its name, Saga led me on a journey. The interplay of the instruments, the dynamics, the tempo all med me through a range of emotion as I took part. I also enjoyed Firefly, which was reminiscent of Flight of the Bumblebee, but suited for the dragonflies I witness each summer.
  11. New World (Deluxe Edition)
    by Dave Kerzner
    Stranded (Pt 1-5) Stranded (Pt 1-5)
    The whole story which is played out kept me at attention. The conclusion of the segment left me wanting for more.
  12. Spots
    by Unified Past
    Big Big
    I feel it is unfair to have to select a particular track to list a favorite, as each track has its own merit. I found "BIG" to have the most appeal due to what I perceived to be a cleanness of the different instruments presented. The changes were easily followed and melody was not lost. As i listened to each tracks, I could see the influences of other musicians, but could appreciate how this group held on to their own individuality. Looking for ward to more from Stephen, Victor, and Dave
  13. The Cry Of A Bird
    by Leibowitz
    Soulsucker Soulsucker
    Though my focus for most music is the instrumentation, I found the lyrics in this piece to draw me in, recollecting memories and experiences of my past.