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  1. unconscious, the sun nearly set
    by Winter Light
    empty cathedrals empty cathedrals
  2. A Paradise Inhabited By Devils
    by Kelli Ali & Ozymandias
    Dark Mirror Dark Mirror
    This has become my go-to album for the entire month of October. An absolute masterpiece that sounds utterly timeless. It's actually hard to believe these songs weren't written centuries ago. It is agonizingly beautiful, haunting and melancholic, but with an indescribable feeling of hope smattered throughout.

    When I listen to this, I become a wolf running through the forest...that's the highest praise I could give to a record. It is the sound of falling leaves, candles, cold air, and nighttime.
  3. The Goddamn Up All Nights
    by The Up All Nights
    Sunsets Sunsets
  4. trIllIun
    by Fort Wilson Riot
    Something Left Alive Something Left Alive
  5. Let's Not Be Friends
    by The Girls!
    Keys To Your House Keys To Your House
  6. Strong Arctic Winds Take Terns [Remastered]
    by minusbaby
    Make Your Breasts Kiss Make Your Breasts Kiss
  7. Fake the Bitters
    by 8bit bEtty
    Everything Changes (prelude) Everything Changes (prelude)
    by White Wolves
    The Forager The Forager
  9. Bit Pilot (Official Soundtrack)
    by Sabrepulse
    OutBrk OutBrk
  10. First Crush
    by Sabrepulse
    First Crush (Featuring Knife City) First Crush (Featuring Knife City)
  11. March of the Sheeple
    by The Schmelka
    I have known The Schmelka since the Dawn of the Second Age, long before the black dragons came and rent this land asunder. I still recall countless moons, smoking pipes together whilst he strummed his Death Lute. And we spake of dragons. And death. And more death. Good times.