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Nathan Payne

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  1. five
    by Flavor Crystals
  2. lambent moments
    by squid ethics and jhfly
  3. Peripeteia
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  4. Super Electric Voyage
    by PBS73
    Vision in Technicolor Vision in Technicolor
    Wow. Mr. Franks has expanded his palate. An unexpected and lovely departure. Imagine Jean-Michel Jarre and BOC made a love child. And that still wouldn't be doing this justice. I'd love to hear what Mr. Franks would produce with some modular synths.
  5. Nowhere Have You Gone
    by Hevel
  6. Owl Splinters / Twin
    by Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner
    Divided Divided
    Two surprising releases in one day. A castle in the sky is priceless, so a highly recommended artifact.
  7. Low Distance
    by Deaf Center
    Entity Voice Entity Voice
    More memories from the hopeful, haunted future. These lads are in a league of their own.
  8. Sunrise Over The City
    by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter
    Sunrise Over The City part seven Sunrise Over The City part seven
    deep, deep, deep meditative works. music for the atman.
  9. After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house
    by Nivhek
    After its own death: Side A After its own death: Side A
    Liz brings to life more of the familiar, delicate tension that both affirms and condemns in the same breath. Soul searching music that draws one towards the deep center of the unconscious where the contemporary noise blurs and eventually fades.
  10. Vedute d'insieme
    by Formant Value & Simone Bauer
    Veduta I Veduta I
    Sonic soul bath. Warm and fuzzy ambient bliss.
  11. Entering Transistor Bay
    by Underjack
    Crax Crax
    Long live the underground.
  12. Red Sun Phase
    by øjeRum
  13. Yesterday Network
    by PBS73
    Letter Of The Day Letter Of The Day
    Delightfully under the radar. My guess is that PBS'73 likes it better that way. Consequently, the purity of the music is evident in all aspects. Mr. Franks appears to be in music for all of the right reasons.
  14. Viewers Like You
    by PBS73
  15. Rainbow TV
    by PBS73
    Cloud Channel Cloud Channel
    A lot of people will compare BOC, which is fair; but, honestly, this level of levity and intricacy is no simple talent. This is easy on the ears and good for the heart. Music to get lost and found in.
  16. Moon
    by Art School Girlfriend
    goddamn this is beautiful.
  17. Bannockburn
    by loscil
  18. Dear and Unfamiliar
    by Birds Of Passage & Leonardo Rosado
    Dear and Unfamiliar Dear and Unfamiliar
  19. Works
    by Abul Mogard
    Desires Are Reminiscences By Now Desires Are Reminiscences By Now
    Abul is an example of a true artistic voice that thrives beyond what has become an insidious and incestuous "scene". His music is purer because of this. This collection is a labour of love that is almost tangibly immense in its size and weight yet still improbably delicate.
  20. Grid Of Points
    by Grouper
    Breathing Breathing
    As with every Grouper artifact, I will have to sit with this for untold hours and watch it and myself unfold.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.