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  1. Still Waters Run Deep
    by Totem Skin
    Kargt Landskap Kargt Landskap
  2. Weltschmerz
    by Totem Skin
    Always Ire Always Ire
  3. From Darkness To Light
    by Jenn Fiorentino
    Of Flesh & Blood Of Flesh & Blood
  4. Lightless Walk
    by Cult Leader
    A Good Life A Good Life
  5. How to Be Human
    by The Classic Crime
    Shades of Green Shades of Green
    The Classic Crime is one of a very short list of bands that I feel has grown with me. They were there for me as an angsty teenager, and they're still there for me now as an adult. This album wrestles with topics of doubt and purpose, topics which really hit home for me, being at a place in my life where a lot of these topics are uncannily relevant.
  6. Counterfeit Artifactory
    by Spoke And Mirror
    That Body Isn't Anymore That Body Isn't Anymore
    Intricately crafted with obvious care and attention to detail, this album seamlessly combines digital sounds, recorded samples, and live instruments, striking a balance between ambiance and structure that makes it perfect for intent listening sessions or as a subtle soundtrack for work or study.
  7. I Am King
    by Code Orange Kids
    Unclean Spirit Unclean Spirit
    This album will kick your head in and you will love it for it.
  8. Snowdrift EP
    by Vocal Few
    Ice Storm 2008 (Merry Christmas) Ice Storm 2008 (Merry Christmas)
    This EP would've changed Scrooge's thoughts on Christmas before all those ghosts even visited him. Hot apple cider for your cold, cynical ears.
  9. Rheia
    by Oathbreaker
    Second Son of R. Second Son of R.
    From the soul-crushing guitars to the heart-wrenching vocals, Rheia is pain personified. One of the best albums of 2016, period.