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  1. you will be ok
    by Blank Embrace
    sun-heated road sun-heated road
    Beautiful music made by a grand artist. Thank you Blank Embrace.
  2. Muse
    by Introversion
    Égérie Égérie
    Beautiful album, reminds me of old loves that I never had the chance to explore.
  3. Secluded Loops
    by Mount Shrine
    Ghostly Ghostly
    Eu que agradeço meu caro, espero que você e sua família estejam mais tranquilos. E como sempre, composições extraordinárias que trazem o mais puro relaxamento. Um grande abraço !
  4. Undercurrents
    by Hammock
    Undercurrent 2 (Jesus Bombed a Baritone) Undercurrent 2 (Jesus Bombed a Baritone)
    I love how Hammock marks every journey I start in my life, in a way I'm never alone. Thank you guys for the amazing work that you've done so far!
  5. The Sleepover Series, Volume Two
    by Hammock
    A Sunlit Absence A Sunlit Absence
    This album can be old but it is the one that relaxes me the most. Their music is just celestial. I don't know if you guys will ever see this but if do, know that your music has healed me in so many ways. Keep up the good work my friends.
  6. embers
    by oliviaway
    understanding understanding
    Soft drone ambiental, good for looking up to the sky and being thankful for the opportunity of existing
    by Blank Embrace
    I Bought A Piece Of Happiness IV I Bought A Piece Of Happiness IV
    Angels is a well suited name, the tracks in this album are what heaven sounds like.
  8. The Colour of Dreams
    by Theta Wave Orchestra
    Drift Into Night Drift Into Night
    It makes you feel like you're on an eternal, slow dream. Listening to this album while looking at the stars is the best thing you can do.