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  1. Ghost Stories (Live)
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  2. "The Investigators" Live
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  3. "The Librarian" - Live at Skirball
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  4. "The Debate" - Live at Roulette
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  5. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  6. The Up & Coming Nightmare City Sessions
    by Jordan Thornquest
  7. Wolves Counting Sheep
    by Rainbow Coil
  8. An Endless Fiction
    by St. Terrible
    St Terrible does not miss. They continue to outdo themselves and their peers. Over and over and over, the bar only gets raised thematically, sonically, and conceptually. This is the best they've ever been.

    This is the best music project to ever come out of Idaho ever.
  9. PunkBob CrustPants
    by buttstuff
  10. pink, black, and orange in the corners.
    by lobsterfight
  11. Slugger
    by Illicit Nature
  12. Pillow
    by Marbits
  13. Birdie
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  14. Overwhelming Odds for Underwhelming Dreams
    by Backyard Universe
  15. 3/3 Weathertenko
    by Mains & Monitors
    This song is so soulful, powerful, clever, and well realized. The build is so satisfying, the payoff is grand, and the chorus is so infectious Coronavirus is taking notes.

    If this is an indicator for the future, I'm beyond excited. I can only hope everything is as well realized and phenomenal as this.

    Mains and Monitors has proven they're not a one hit wonder. This hit is indeed wonderful and has been living in my frequent circulation.
  16. American Squalor
    by King and Queen of the Losers
    Electric Boy Electric Boy
    KAQOTL are 2 for 2 asserting themselves as the most interesting and exciting band in town. Everything they've put out has been a home run, and this is no different.

    This release is more mature without losing their sense of fun. Their sights are aimed higher, and the rewards are more fulfilling. I didn't think it possible, but this is better than Crutch somehow.
  17. Refrigerator
    by The Playgrounders
    Earnest, clever, and takes full advantage of its cute premise. Delivers loud and youthful energy that reminds me of Glass Beach or Heccra. Ukulele alternative rock is gonna take over the world, and Refrigerator is a proof of concept for the test of us.
  18. Home
    by cavetown
    A natural and important progression of a song that's clearly so important to this artist. The lyric's content paired with the context of Robbie's growth in both personal and artistic identity make it that much more powerful. Marvelous.
  19. Kalani
    by Mains & Monitors
    Lucky Last Cigarette Lucky Last Cigarette
    Busting with energy, flooded with prominent melodies with personality and flair. Powerful and well-realized, this album successfully emulates its influences while carving out their own identity. Much better production values than most Idaho groups. Can't wait for more. It'll be tough to top this.
  20. Crutch
    by King and Queen of the Losers
    World War Me World War Me
    Revelation 8: 6-7 reads, "And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to sound them. Then the first angel sounded his trumpet, and hail and fire mixed with blood were flung to the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, along with a third of the trees and all the green grass."

    This album is the first trumpet call signalling the apocalypse. There's no doubt in my mind because an album like this so good it could have only come from God Himself. My lawn is ruined but it's good.