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  1. Discotek
    by Midnight Driver
  2. Back 2 School
    by MicroMatscenes
  3. Metropolis
    by Metropolis
  4. Cow-ncert In Blue Minor
    by Frank Jacket & Los de Rio Seco
  5. Lost For A While (EP)
    by Red Vox
    Rather Be Lonely Rather Be Lonely
    I really love these songs as a set of B Sides, I've been going through my own personal journey with hopefully figuring out a few things for my mental health, so each of these tracks really hit a spot in my heart for me during this time.

    Rather Be Lonely really speaks to me, but I LOVE the synth & gives me some big New Order/Depeche Mode vibes & gives the supplemental stuff a different flavor, so that's a real draw to me! Real good stuff.
    by US Golf 95
  7. O U T L I N E S
    by Duett
    m a l l m a l l
    Everything about these songs makes it feel like a sound bit right outta a tv show, but I ADORE that. Each song really encapsulates a feeling for the title name of every song & makes you believe you can, well- hear them.

    All real short & sweet too, it's just enough to make them almost feel ethereal & like ideals of themselves, love that a lot.
  8. Back At The Office
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  9. After Dark
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  10. Hot Summer Synth vol.1
    by Future 80's Records
  11. Hylics 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Mason Lindroth & Chuck Salamone
  12. Army of Darkness Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  13. Robocop Commentary
    by Red Letter Media
  14. Masters of the Universe Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  15. You Say Adios
    by Frank Jacket
  16. Black Kiss
    by Vandal Moon
  17. Realign
    by Red Vox
  18. Guardian Angel
    by Prom Queen
  19. Miles to Midnight
    by Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect
  20. Version
    by Duett