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  1. Род Изгоев
    by Vedmak
    Род Изгоев Род Изгоев
  2. Towards The Great Dissolution (Split)
    by Insanity Cult / Isolert
    Thorns Of Solitude Thorns Of Solitude
  3. Spiritual Turmoil
    by Elegiac
    Inhaling The Dust Of Shattered Planets Inhaling The Dust Of Shattered Planets
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  4. Это Наша Земля
    by Людота Коваль
    Последний Миг Последний Миг
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  5. 1979
    by Tyrant Wrath
    Commander Elite Commander Elite
  6. Порча
    by Гробовая Доска
    Бык! Чо? Бык! Чо?
  7. Ruins
    by Announce The Apocalypse
    Open Assault Open Assault
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  8. Phrenolepsia
    by Chevauchée
    Paranoic Paranoic
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. The Call Of Agony
    by Slund
    Resentment Resentment
  10. Landschaft
    by Devilgroth
    Das Tor In Die Reiche Der Kälte Das Tor In Die Reiche Der Kälte
  11. Incanceration (EP)
    by Vonnegut
    Mars Ale Mars Ale
  12. Morena
    by Devilgroth
    Nav' Nav'
    There are no keyboard interludes or anything of the kind characteristic of traditional symphonic black metal – only pagan aura of the ancient Siberia emanates from each song of the CD. DEVILGROTH presents its own interpretation of Cold Raw Black Metal. Cover art design by Liana Nord (St. Petersburg).
  13. Człowiekskrywazło
    by Fulgurum
    Słowiańskość Serca Słowiańskość Serca
  14. Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah (EP)
    by Scolopendra Cingulata
    Помрут - Все Хорошими Станут Помрут - Все Хорошими Станут
    The album narrates on the four ways of life of human nature, its eternal hankering for war of all against all, thirst for destruction, deceit and extermination of the neighbours. Each track is a part of a general story taken out of the time context and nothing but the ending of the story reveals its existential meaning: all men are good when they’re dead.
  15. Ночь Ликана
    by Nocturnal Art
    Строки К Плачущей Леди Строки К Плачущей Леди
  16. Gedenkstatte
    by Aarsland
    Der Trauersaal Der Trauersaal
    "Gedenkstätte" is the sound of the iron claws of death scratching your consciousness. With it begins the journey beyond the borders of reality into the endless darkness and nonexistence where Universe was born and where it will perish in the end. The musical side of "Gedenkstätte" is a monolithic alloy of Funeral Doom and black viscous Drone that give an authentic view of the scale of endless darkness.
  17. Black Gold Appetite
    by Monastery Dead
    Sick Absolution Sick Absolution
  18. Откровение
    by Mental Illness
    И Не Угаснет Огонь И Не Угаснет Огонь
  19. Suicide
    by Defiance Of Decease
    Like A Star In The Sky Like A Star In The Sky
  20. Of Worlds Endtimely Enshadowed
    by Signist
    XXI Century Presuicidal Reverie XXI Century Presuicidal Reverie
  21. Evil Thoughts
    by Vocífera
    The Agony The Agony
  22. Sententia Prima
    by Doom Architect
    Leaving The Shadows Leaving The Shadows
    The music on "Sententia Prima" is a special alloy of slow melodies framed by heavy guitar riffs and keyboards atmosphere. Vocals also connects it all together with texts narrating about the thoughts that come to mind to anyone who travels inward, who are periodically is beyond the categories of space and time, the person is continuously separated from the conventional world.
  23. The Bite Of A Hornet
    by Horror Necros
    Death Сад Death Сад
  24. Possessed By Madness, Possessed By War
    by Tanator
    Fear Of Death Fear Of Death
  25. Soul Extremist (EP)
    by Temple Of Nihil
    Devilution Devilution
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Wrong Honey (EP)
    by GoreМыка
    Dead Rise From Graves (feat. Kraworath) Dead Rise From Graves (feat. Kraworath)
    appears in 1 other collection
  27. Gnosis Of Death (Split)
    by Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata
    Ogon' Inkvizitsii Ogon' Inkvizitsii
  28. Fucked-Up Songs
    by Distressful Project
    Tristia Tristia
  29. Social Tyranny (Split)
    by Социопат / Тиран
    Как Все... Как Все...
  30. Prisionego
    by Granada
    Faktor Komun Faktor Komun
    Prisionego, 4th studio album of GRANADA, re-defines their own cyclotomic metal sound, with aggressive guitar riffs, killer extreme drums and lyrics about capitalism playing the role of religion in modern society, self-destruction, selfishness, and nature punishing the human race. Recorded in an organic old school way with real drums, no sample or added sounds, with the objective of playing the record live in the exact way it was recorded.